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This is a silly article.

The content of this article is not part of official Warcraft lore, but has nevertheless become part of the World of Warcraft culture or community.

Mellin, a level 29 Blood Elf Paladin of the Kil'jaeden server, gained his "15 minutes of fame" almost overnight when he posted "MELLINS 10 REASONS TO PLAY A PALLY" on the Paladin Realm forums. He was compared to Alamo from the very beginning for obvious reasons and was an instant hit.

Similar posts include Kralnor, for warlocks, Alamo, for druids, and Halbrium, for Shamans.


Posted at 01/31/2008 03:42:32 AM PST


Hello, MY name is Mellin and I maked a Pally 4 the follwoing RESONS:

1. Bubbel

WE HAVE IT, ITS GOOD. We can protcet ourselvs with it and make everyone else angry! "RARGH! I WANT 2 HITS YOU BUT I CANT! DAMN UR BUBBEL!" "HA HA IM A PALLY U GIT OWNED" Sumtimz we ovar estinate it tho and run into 345 alliance (or hord if ur OLD SKOOL) and then bubbel to heal, even though evry1 around us is redy to make us look like teh NEW GUY IN PRISN.


Othar ppls have it, but i liek ours better. ITS FAST! Witout a fast heal wat happens? tank is dead. WHO LIKES DED TANKS? NOT ME. Also, it retarns mana and prists say "wtf man why am i oom" and we say "LULZ NUB L2PALLY" but tehy dont because some ppl dont have the patience to autoattack stuff to death.


not the sexy kind LOL! the ones you use a saddal with. It has metal on it and is FREE, othar classes say "WTF i pade like 2340g for mine, why do u hav urs so fast!?" and we say "HAH PALLY PWNER BWNR FREE HOARS" some ppl say it has a skirt and skirts are fir grls, but grls dont play wow (at leest not good looking 1s LOL) so THERFOR ar hoars is a boy.


we can TANK sometimes and HEEL sometimes and DPS if ar gild is full of nubs! crusadar strike hits HARD and FAST and evrybody says "OH MAN I FEEL LIKE A MUSLIM IN TEH OLDEN DAYS" because it hit them so hard. (or a muslim now vs ignoramaericans! LOL!)


Pally r the best and vrybody should roll AT LEAST ONE becuz we PWN so hards.

HOLY MOLEY 2 paijes already!!! LOL!

Mmoar stuf athats good about PALLYS:

5. BUFFS We make evry1 in the raid STRONGR or SMARTR (except huntars LOL) and with MOAR pallys we get MOAR bufffs. MIGHT is for killing warrirs and enh shamans with no agro ctrl LOL! and KINGS is 4 rouges who want MOAR CRIT but rnt SMART b/c there all NIGHT ELVE! LOL! WISDOM is 4 prist and mages and such, becuz they go OOM evry PULL! SALV is 4 ppl who dont ctrl agro "WTF?! I DINT FEINT AND I DIED! WTF SLAV ME!" "LOL NUB"

6. DIVINE INTARVENSHIN "ONOZ WE GONNA DIE!" "SOK DOOD" and tehn BOOM we go emo-steamo and blow arselvs up so some jakoff prist in the back with no manas can live and RESZ! No druabtily damage ether, so we can LOL@EVRY1 who died and hsa to repair! LOL!

7. EPIC HOARS! (no not stanky girlz wearing purple LOL!) its a mount that ONLY PALADNS can get! epic hoars has HORNS for su,m reasn and glows like yellow fartsmoke! we run FATSER than evry1 else becuz of CRUSADER AURA whcig i will get into latr!

ill BRB i need to eat a cat.


8. HAMMAR OF JUSTIS When i was yunger i smashed my brtoher on the hed with a hmer and got in a lot of troble LOL! i told my dad that my brther was being a JERK but he didnt thingk my hammr smashing was a gud idea. NOW as a PALLY i can smash hammrs on peoples heaeds ALL THE TIME and they sit there saying "WTF MELLIN THATS MY MELLON!" LOL!

9. AURAS CRUSsadeR aura is ASWESOME. Evrybody gets to run FASTEr when theres MOBS or ALLIANCE 9or horde if ur OLD SKOOL! LOL!) chasing u! or if ur just in a SUPER HURRY to get to ur hardcore T4 content kara run 4 some purpls! DEVOSHIN aura makes yor armor harder by like r234234 so nothing can hurt you, not evn GOD. RETRHD.. REDTRIB... RET AURA makes you hurt stuff whats trying to hurt YOU. its ike THORNS but bettar becuz no duration and ur not a leafy druid. LOL! CONSENTRASHIN aura makes you cast bettr for when ur HEELING. 35%%%% of no pushback from taking damange in case ur tank is a nub! LOL!

10. PLATE ARMR cloth is the wrost armor in teh game. evrybody makes fun of clothys becuz they go down fastr than hillary clinton at a lesbo bar on a friday night! LOL! LEATHEr is for rogues and leafy durids, also for the lesbos at that bar! HAHA! MAIL is for huntards and shamans, but mostly huntards becuz they take evry piece of !*#*ing gear that evr drops. PLATE is where its at! ur like a BATTLE TANK without tires or treads! LOL! u take LESS damag then evrybody els and you can still DPS! (LOL RET!)

WELL, this concludes my LIST of awesome pally stuf. THANK YOU to all the peopl who posted EPIC stuff about me. LATR i will condense it all! LOL!




Later in his post, Mellin chose to divulge a little information about himself. Many of his fans were disappointed to find out that he did not, in fact, play a Paladin. His main character, Hegran(Terokkar) is a 70 warlock and his alts are Craer(Gul'dan), 70 rogue and Tank(Gul'dan), 70 warrior.

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