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This article is an information page for the Moon Guard realm (server)

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The information and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

Preamble is a quote from the Moon Guard Realm Forums made by Sapphirius at the start of the Moon Guard Crafting Alliance

So, there's been some comments on price gouging on the market with both the war effort and people assuming that everybody has oodles of money when they first start playing. This thread is for crafters and harvesters to get their name out there as people who will charge reasonably.

This is not for people who will buy materials and relist them for high prices. It's a "need" networking effort. Also, please be considerate when contacting any of the people here. If they're in an instance, an in-game mail would be a good way to reach them.

Many of the crafters / harvesters listed have posted details on their pricing and methods of contact in this thread.

Listed below are the professions and gathering skills that players have announced on the forums.


Harvesters obtain the materials used for almost all of the professions. They are willing to obtain some material for people but remember that they may also need the material for their own cratfing


Player Skill Level
Horde Gejiba 375
Horde Caspian 375
Horde Yseramera 225
Horde Nowd 375
Alliance Annabel 375

Fishing Notes

Currently None


Player Skill Level
Alliance Starri 375
Alliance Ryllae 375
Horde Aestiah 375
Horde Heedmartin 375
Horde Malo 375
Horde Windwalksha 180

Herbalism Notes

Currently None


Player Skill Level

Alliance Kyllier 450
Alliance Avak 225
Alliance Galavis 373
Alliance Karura 375
Alliance Mordash 266
Alliance Nasum 375
Alliance Svodatya 225
Alliance Tiku 250
Horde Amenian 375
Horde Caprice 279
Horde Erindentel 375
Horde Ethelwulf 375
Horde Gejiba 265
Horde Halon 375
Horde Idaeus 367
Horde Kaeel ---
Horde Kawne 102
Horde Mayhewslays 375
Horde Mordash 375
Horde Reis 375
Horde Sarrina 255
Horde Sindaria ~200
Horde Sussemilch 375
Horde Tybrin 375
Horde Valo 375
Horde Shoc 186

Mining Notes

Horde Sussemilch can smelt dark iron

Horde Idaeus can smelt Dark Iron


Player Skill Level
Alliance Dobrynya 375
Alliance Kagi 365
Alliance Marianne 375
Alliance Moriarty 300
Alliance Paul 300
Alliance Sylene 375
Horde Dalantia 300
Horde Gejiba 300
Horde Kalitara 300
Horde Malacrux 225
Horde Teara 360

Skinning Notes

Currently None


Crafters are the people who make money off of producing items that people want. Remember that it costs time and money to gather and/or buy the materials so some items may be hard to come by or costly to produce as a result.


Player Skill Level Specialization

AllianceAlijysiia 375 Elixir
Alliance Auir 300 ---
Alliance Noc 375 ---
Alliance Ryllae 375 Potion
Alliance Starri 375 Potion
Horde Auralee 300 ---
Horde Malo 375 Transmutation
Horde Nowd 375 Transmutation

Alchemy Notes

Currently None


Player Skill Level Specialization
Alliance Gwenivere 365 ---
Alliance Morrigan 251 Weaponsmith
Alliance Nasum 366 Weaponsmith
Alliance Nurrak 300 ---
Alliance Svodatya 206 Armorsmith
Horde Baelren 207 ---
Horde Caprice 259 ---
Horde Idaeus 297 Axesmith
Horde Kaeel 253 Weaponsmith
Horde Kawne 100 ---
Horde Meinrad 353 Weaponsmith
Horde Mordash 355 Armorsmith
Horde Powa 285 Weaponsmith
Horde Shoc 190 ---
Horde Tybrin 375 Armorsmith

Blacksmithing Notes

Alliance Gwenivere can craft Felsteel Longblade and Stronghold Gauntlets

Horde Tybrin can craft Oathkeeper's Helm


Player Skill Level
Alliance Auir 300
Alliance Aurria 375
Alliance Avak 190
Alliance Kagi 375
Alliance Marianne 150
Alliance Morrigan 234
Alliance Starri 375
Alliance Annabel 375
Horde Caspian 375
Horde Gejiba 360
Horde Sussemilch 365
Horde Yseramera 375
Horde Ghenki 375

Cooking Notes

Currently None


Player Skill Level
Alliance Ayatan 250
Alliance Lorlein 63
Alliance Annabel 375
Alliance Aurria 360
Horde Aestiah 375
Horde Athelas 267
Horde Anstice 173
Horde Caspian 385
Horde Kardal 275
Horde Malacrux 225
Horde Ryalidre 150
Horde Salrevo 175
Horde Sussemilch 375
Horde Teroic 385
Horde Thail 127
Horde Windwalksha 112
Horde Yseramera 375
Horde Ghenki 375
Horde Xulili 375

Enchanting Notes

Alliance Annabel will enchant free with your mats. She can also provide some mats for you provided you whisper her first. She has Soulfrost, Sunfire, Enchant Weapon - Agility. She'll happily DE a reasonable amount of items for you and set up a monthly disenchant by mail plan for you (by enquiry only).

Alliance Aurria can enchant Crusader, Icy, Fiery, and Lifestealing.

Horde Caspian can enchant many high-end recipes such as Mongoose and Surefooted.

Horde Sussemilch can enchant Soulfrost and Sunfire.

Horde Malacrux will only disenchant items

Horde Ghenki will enchant for free with mats

Horde Yseramera can Enchant Weapon - Major Spell Power

Horde Aestiah will enchant free with your own mats

Horde Teroic has most Enchant Weapon and Enchant Two-Handed Weapon formulas, including (but not limited to) Battlemaster, Sunfire, Savagery, Crusader, Major Healing and Spellpower, and Greater Agility (1h)


Player Skill Level Specialization
Alliance Aphel 525 Gnomish
Alliance Grayfox 300 Goblin
Horde Melina 300 Goblin
Horde Reis 358 ---
Horde Salrevo 205 ---
Horde Nowd 375 Goblin
Horde Deenå 249 Gnomish
Horde Zealeous 375 Gnomish

Engineering Notes

Horde Deenå will craft anything for the price a vendor would pay the materials in most cases.

Horde Zealeous will craft for free if given materials.


Player Skill Level
Alliance Avak 167
Alliance Karura 351
Horde Amenian 340
Horde Dahli 365
Horde Sorryn 375
Horde Uijo 375
Horde Valo 356

Jewelcrafting Notes


Player Skill Level Specialization
Alliance Dobrynya 313 Dragonscale
Alliance Kagi 350 Elemental
Alliance Moriarty 300 Elemental
Alliance Paul 285 Dragonscale
Alliance Sylene 361 Tribal
Alliance Urva 361 Tribal
Horde Dalantia 242 ---
Horde Kalitara 273 ---
Horde Teara 335 ---

Leatherworking Notes

Alliance Kagi can craft the Riding Crop Alliance Urva can craft the Riding Crop Horde Teara can craft the Riding Crop


Player Skill Level Specialization
Alliance Annabel 375 Shadowweave
Alliance Shub 290 ---
Alliance Ayatan 250 ---
Alliance Lorlein 130 ---
Alliance Tiku 271 ---
Alliance Aurria 375 Primal Mooncloth
Horde Aereyn 375 ---
Horde Anstice 183 ---
Horde Caspian 375 Primal Mooncloth
Horde Halon 350 Primal Mooncloth
Horde Heedmartin 375 Shadoweave
Horde Kardal 250 ---
Horde Mayhewslays 348 ---
Horde Ryalidre 160 ---
Horde Sindaria 298 ---
Horde Sorryn 361 Primal Mooncloth
Horde Takanakani 350 Shadoweave
Horde Teroic 375 Shadoweave
Horde Thail 215 ---
Horde Yseramera 365 ---
Horde Ghenki 375 Primal Mooncloth

Tailoring Notes

Alliance Annabel can craft Runic Spellthread, Spellstrike Pants, Arcanoweave Robe, Manaweave Cloak, Cloak of Eternity, Cloak of the Black Void, Cenarion Herb Bag

Alliance Shub can craft The Robes of Arcana

Alliance Ayatan can craft the Robes of Arcana

Alliance Tiku can craft the Robes of Arcana

Alliance Aurria can craft Golden Spellthread, Ebon Soulbags, Spellfire Bags, and Primal Mooncloth Bags. The Whitemend Pants and Robes of Arcana are also available.

Horde Aereyn can craft the Spellstrike Hood

Horde Caspian can craft Golden Spellthread.

Horde Ryalidre can craft the Robes of Arcana

Horde Teroic can craft Whitemend Hood, Ebon Soulbag, Vengence Wrap, and Primal Mooncloth Bag

Horde Genki can craft 95% of all tailoring patterns.

Class Specific Skills

Rogue: Lockpicking

I just thought of this category as I'm sure a lot of us have a bank fulll of boxes needing to be unlocked. This would also be a good way for rogues to get their lockpicking skills up. Remember to tip your rogues! (Quoted from Sapphirius)

Player Skill Level
Alliance Hypna ---
Alliance Moriarty ---
Horde Ethelwulf 375
Horde Solarine 260
Horde Maenion 375

Mage: Portal Magic

For the convenience of fast travel, nothing beats a mage portal, but please do be considerate of where that mage may be or what that mage may be doing before contacting them. (Quoted from Sapphirius)

Remember that Mages do need to use the reagent called Rune of Portals. They also need you to be in their group. Remember this when you ask about getting a portal opened for you.

Level 40 Portals
Level 50 Portals
Outland Portals
Player Level 40 Portals Level 50 Portals Outland Portals Cost
Alliance Kamryn SW, IF, Exo, Thera Darn SC Varies. Typically 2 gold for Shattrath; additional cost to travel to you.
Horde Essaerae Org, UC, SMC, Stn Varies; usually free. Additional cost to travel to you.

Warlock: Summon Magic

Warlocks are able to summon people from level 20. Remember that in order to summon people, warlocks need to use a reagent called a soul shard and require 2 people to help them perform the summon. Please do be considerate of where that warlock may be or what that warlock may be doing before contacting them. They are only able to summon people that are in their party and the 2 people that are helping with the summoning need to be in the party as well. You should be willing to pay a warlock for summoning if they request it.

Player Cost
Horde Teroic 10-25 silver, depending on the location