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The following is a list of Moonglade guilds, if you wish to add your guild to this list but are unsure how to safely edit the list, please refer to the Editing Help page.The list must be kept in alphabetical order excluding articles in the beginning of names if necessary. (i.e. excluding "the", "a", etc.). There is no requirement to fill in all of the fields.

Alliance Crest Alliance Guilds
Guild Name Type Contact Notes
The Academy (T*A / Acad) RP-Mixed Seisence
Avalon (Ava) PvE Aelyn
Azeroth Elders (AE) Hevlon
Azeroth Templars (AT) All Things To Everyone Anchora
Blood n Glory (BnG) PvE Eldric/Faganne/Swamp/Pheonecia
Carpe Jugulum (CJ) PvE Graycine/Adotiln/Caern
The Circle of Vidomi (CoV) RP Nairuil/Evnes/Naanath
Crimson Shadows (CS) PvE Serrin
Clan of the Ironhands (CoI) RP Dromwald Dwarves only. Location: Ironforge
Demon Blade (DB) PVE Varnis / Duracy / Duraino Outland
Divide Et Impera (DeI) PvE Beans, Findermartin, Trip Shattrath City
Dragon Slayers Guild (DSG) PVE Torin / Tenhir
Ebon Flame (EF / the Flame) RP-PvE Thalos / Verannion
Eternal Legion (EL) PvE Kadran / Radamanth / Zafox
Evolution (Evo) PvE Troops / Huhedi / Mythras
The Expedition (Exp) RP-PvE Cathy / Genie / Ceana Stormwind City
Final Chapter (FC) RP-Mixed Delnor / Ashanar / Illgrim Migrants
The Four Rings (T4R / Rings) RP-Mixed, casual raiding Soriac / Rayde / Aladriel / Kalyan Ironforge
Grey Company (GC) RP-Mixed Naylora
Gryphons Rest (GR) RP-Mixed Riala
Hitokiri (HK) RP / PvE Kazuya
Horizon (HRZN) PvE Ades / Geoalexan / Shadowburst Stormwind
House Idrial (HI) RP-Mixed Elf, Sienn Darnassus
Ivory Lion Mercenaries (ILM) RP-PvE Vanadain/Frep
Knights of Daze (KoD) PVE Sharpish Daytime Raiding Guild
The Ladies of Discord (LoD) RP-Mixed Zigrin, Zainiouk Stormwind, Darnassus, Female warriors and healers only
Legion Światła (LS) PvE, RP-Mixed Turambar, Okrutnik Stormwind City
Lordaeron Resistance (LR) RP Tharel / Nharia / Ainum Stormwind City
Midnight Sun (MS) PvE Kalten Menethil Harbor (Scandinavian guild)
Mithril Guard (MG) RP Truesong Dwarves, Ironforge
Morning Star (MS) PvE Quaronwen
The New Breed (TNB) PvP Felony / Solase / Manier
New Dawn (ND) PvE Aleesa
Nightfall (NF) PvE Alkmynae / Eldariel / Thessalie
Old Town (OT) RP-Mixed Sidarta Stormwind City
Order of the Sword (OotS) RP Trìstam Stormwind City
The Outriders (TO) RP-Mixed Uvahstone Valley of Kings
Phantasmagoric Potholers (Holers) PvE Epsilon Closed - No new members unless known out of game
Rebellion (RE) PvE Ikaros / Sombretta
Regiment of Theramore (RoT) RP Kyélv Theramore Isle
Rhyme and Punishment (R&P) RP-Mixed Serendipity Lakeshire
Shadow Sentinels (SS) RP Frosth / Feralan / Kanderil Darnassus Night Elf
The Silver Rose (TSR) RP Xantippe Theramore Isle
Society of Dungeoneers (SoD) PvE Mahonai Shattrah City (Scandinavian guild)
Teir Abhaile (TA) RP-Mixed Nihilus / Nightflight / Idreal / Lemmi
Templarii Lvsitaniae (TL) PvE Only Portuguese speakers
The Travelers of Azeroth (TOA) RP-Mixed Zeneth / Gailia / Catla / Aerial Azeroth
The United Exiles (UE / The Exiles) Family Dragoran / Eagle / Xialong Trying to keep small, joining restricted to friends and family of current members.
Vindication (Vindi) RP-Mixed Oedlivani or any member
Vir Mortalis (VM) PvE Benedol Ironforge
The Wyld Hunt RP-Mixed Willow
Horde Crest Horde Guilds
Guild Name Type Contact Notes
The Sanctuary (Sanct) RP Graktar Fray Island
Artisans of Bloodcraft (AoB) PvE
Unguilded Leftovers (UL) PvE Tellan
Clan of the Rising Sun (CRS) RP-Mixed Kuruk Tauren
Court Of The Sun (Court) RP Florindo, Morgania Silvermoon
The Crimson Hand (The Hand) RP-Mixed Syrax / Mordiss Silverpine
The Defenders of the Core (DotC) RP-Mixed Rushemar / Fernmuzzle
Downfall (DF) PvE Malithius / Urotas
The Elders (TE) RP-Mixed Jezebeth / Pugh / Tvork
Grueslayers (Wrath) RP-Mixed Zerun / Wara / Goren
Equilibrium (EQ) RP-Mixed Engessa
Honorbound (HB) PvE Nex / Caesar Orgrimmar
Torment (Tor) PvE Neserith / Vescovo / Greem / Gremma / Vuual
Hounds of The Blackfire (The Hounds) RP-Mixed Regnier / Vesuvio Orgrimmar
In Meus Pardus (IMP) PvE Elturion Raiding guild
Legion of Arcaus (LoA) RP-Mixed Leafblade / Swiftfoot
Novus Ordo Arcanorum (NOA) RP-Mixed Kuàlthas / Elinanna Silvermoon, Blood Elf / Undead
Ordo Legionis (Ordo) RP-Mixed Daednumai
Strife (Strife) RP-Mixed Ashtie, Cariveth, Thanador, Yerug, Nourken Fight, Struggle, Win! Strife Style!
EU (SCC) RP-Mixed Mildrith
Blood Pigs (Pigs) RP-Mixed Arrak / Isolt / Chamer / Verruca / Xav / Tuia / Vengace Orgrimmar, Mainly orcs
The Blood Guard (BG) RP Solander / Katalanei Silvermoon
The Flaming Blade (The Blade) RP Ravenblade / Kalegh / Zayn / Thaelenir / Rankia / Cathris
The Promise (TP) PvE Vokhan, Diru, Eraleas, Nejferiti Casual Raiding Guild with Social Aspects
Tirisfal Council (TirC) RP Thyr
Unified PvE Ridilas Raiding guild
Wicked (Wicked around)
Undercity Jazzband Kysliana / Vahlek / Avalina
Wrath (Wrath) RP-Mixed Zerun / Wara / Goren