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This article is an information page for the Nordrassil realm (server)

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The information and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

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A nicely populated realm with some good PvE action, AV premades and forum drama. However if you are looking for PVP action, you will want to be on the Horde side, or better yet, a pvp server.

Alliance Crest Alliance guilds

Faction Name Website Notes
Alliance Banoffee Pie
Alliance Consequence
Alliance Dirty Deeds
Alliance Dusk
Alliance Fallen Legion
Alliance The Gauntlet
Alliance Ginnunga
Alliance Heaven Reborn
Alliance Last Legion
Alliance Mystic
Alliance Phoenix Rising
Alliance Pride of St.George
Alliance Pro Finlandia Finnish Speaking
Alliance Refined
Alliance Sanctus
Alliance Veterans
Alliance Veto

Horde Crest Horde guilds

Faction Name Website Notes
Horde Axis
Horde Bane
Horde Casual Craft
Horde Dark Agenda
Horde Destiny Awaits
Horde Dethroned
Horde Distortion
Horde Dojo
Horde Dysorder
Horde Horde Empire
Horde Horizon
Horde Mental
Horde Mortalis
Horde Phoenix
Horde Phylumists
Horde PR Disaster [N/A]
Horde Temple of Bachus

Nordrassil's Progression History


Fallen Legion - [Unknown]
Mystic - [Unknown]
The Gauntlet - [Unknown]
Sky - [Unknown]
Phoenix Rising - [Unknown]
Saga - [Unknown]
Splinter - [Unknown]
Virtue - [Unknown]
Unit - [Unknown]
Wildrunners - [Unknown]
Champions - [Unknown]

The Burning Crusade

Fallen Legion - All Content Cleared
The Gauntlet
Last Legion
Oíche Deithí
Phoenix Rising
Pro Finlandia
Midnight Storm

Wrath of the Lich King:

Fallen Legion - All Content Cleared
Mystic - Up to Lich King 25 Heroic
The Gauntlet - All Content Cleared
Pro Finlandia - Up to Lich King 25 Heroic
Last Legion - Up to Lich King 25 Heroic
Veto - Up to Sindragosa 25 Heroic
Veterans - Up to Lich King 25 Heroic
Ginnunga - 9/12 Heroic ICC 25
Smolder - 8/12 Heroic ICC 25
Heaven Reborn - 7/12 Heroic ICC 25
The Blackwing Liars - 2/12 Heroic ICC 25 (Disbanded)
Arise - Up to Yogg-Saron 25 (Disbanded)
Hotfixed - Up to Lich King 25 Normal (Disbanded)
Sanctus - Up to Lich King 25 Normal
The Pride of St.George - Up to Lich King 25 Normal (Cleared all on 10 man)
Prepared - Up to Sindragosa 25 Normal (Disbanded)
Scarred - 8/13 Ulduar (Disbanded)
Dirty Deeds -
Phoenix Rising - 5/12 ICC Normal
Dusk - Cleared all 10 Man Content
Refined - Cleared all 10 Man Content


Fallen Legion
The Gauntlet
Pro Finlandia
Last Legion
Heaven Reborn
The Pride of St.George
Dirty Deeds
Phoenix Rising

Nordrassil's Horde History


Horde Empire
De Muerte

The Burning Crusade:

Horde Empire
Temple of Bachus

Wrath of the Lich King:

Horde Empire
Temple of Bachus
Casual Craft
For the Horde


Horde Empire
Temple of Bachus
Casual Craft
For the Horde

Nordrassil Terms

  • Lagdrassil

During the days of Vanilla WoW and early TBC, Nordrassil experienced some of its worse lag to date. Although it be not as bad as many other high popluated servers, Nordrassil had a well known reputation for being the server to always receive extended maintenance.

  • The Please Fix Nordrassil Thread [1]
  • The Continued Thread [2]

Probably the most famous guild to ever grace the Nordrassil server. Described by its creator Romyna as "A STRONG GUILD BUILT IN 3 DAYS!" it soon became legendary to the common folk on the server. This was mainly due to the constant spamming of the aforementioned phrase constantly in city general (or IF general, it was so long ago I don't think the city channels were linked) and a few legendary threads on the realm forum.

Can anyone confirm if they disbanded or fell apart?

A well known rogue to both horde and alliance. Suspected of having his hearthstone set in Ironforge. Departed the server in late 2008.

IRC Channel

Nordrassil has it own IRC channel: #Nordrassil at for all your needs.

Nordrassil Radio

A radio show hosted by Morfar every Friday evening since 2007. Details on how to tune in:

Nordrassil Radio has its own IRC channel, #NordrassilRadio @

Forum Trolls

Nordrassil has carried the mantle of a 'carebear' realm for months, and as such frequents the realm of online drama, both in-game and in the realm forums. The most notable piece of drama in recent memory has been the "Nordrassil Top News" thread [3], which boasts an enormous amount of views and replies. The orchestrator of the thread, Crystals, snipes at Nordrassil's major guilds as a level 2 female Dwarven rogue (he is clearly a trend breaker). The identity of Crystals is still unknown, although he has circulated a screenshot of himself at level 75. Rumoured to be a member of an well known Alliance Guild. All of the racial leader NPCs accept [Crystals' Head] turn-ins in stacks of five.

Another Troll that frequents the Nordrassil forums is an arrogant ex member of the realm that left to seek greener pastures. The guild still survives in one form or another and has progressed but said player still finds it pleasing to come back and insult his old home. His old routine of ZOMG I IS LIKE SO AWESOME , which he sadly probably believes , is generally followed by a barage of low alts condemning him and his words . This is then answered with his usual smarmy replies about getting people to bite like fish. He would have us believe that he's a real player in game and in the real world but his childish remarks speak for themselves. Lets all pray he'll go away and combust.

On the other hand, Nordrassil is occasionally visited by two other 'trolls', Jahmaan and Labrax. Both concentrate on comedic and entertaining posts to lift the spirits of Nordrassil. Jahmaan often focuses on guides for players, while Labrax prefers the dramatic approach, often involving his characters Borax and Droodman, although he is not above taking a cheap shot at himself. Both have received mentions on the WoW Europe front page, although Lab is often rejected due to his criticism of the game and the lore surrounding it. Jahmaan's guide to new players remains one of the most viewed topics on the Nordrassil forums.

Jahmaan is rumored to have a liking of short, hairy, muscle-bound men with smelly arm pits and bad breath (in RL that is, what he likes in game is anyones guess).

Jackieboi - What happend to this good ol trade spammer? Some say he sold his account and some say he still plays maybe one day we will find out the truth of this infamous nordrassilain.

Labrax has a lot of fun talking in the third person and greatly enjoyed writing this paragraph. Although nobody knows who he is.

Honorable, a troll who just spams a stupid joke saying to walk away from a Xbox 360, by turning 360, what a retard, yet people still go "if you turn around 360 you will be facing it" the maturity of it all amuses most.

Kenkel, agreed by everyone, the worst player you will ever meet in game, a guy who cannot play, raid lead, tank, or even speak the slightest bit of English, or even insult you, so watch out or you will be called a child by this blatantly obvious 12 year old.

The Personality Cult of Bubbles

A phenomenon largely created by the average players of Nordrassil but cleverly managed and maintained by a paladin who "should know better". Bubbles has always been one of Nordrassil's better players but by no means the best, even within his own class, Lemartes and Danny being just two with more ability. Proclamations of Bubbles' superiority soon began to rub off on a few of the realms more naive populace, significantly on those who were overly grateful for a place in his guild <Phoenix Rising>, maybe one of the best guilds when Bubbles drove it relentlessly towards that goal and certainly not now that he prefers focussing on more casual aspects of the game, such as levelling his alts. This has allowed the guild to lapse into a casual malaise. Tales that would appear everyday and mundane to the outsider looking in (indeed to a great many on the realm itself who prefer silence rather than upsetting the preppie masses of Nordrassil) take on an escalated grandeur when attributed to Bubbles. Nonetheless Bubbles will undoubtedly be remembered in prominence when the realm of Nordrassil finally breathes it's last: by the realm' underachievers as the figurehead of a vessel which has proved that mediocrity can at least achieve some things in the game. The reader is invited to witness the Personality Cult of Bubbles in action, below, in an extract provided by one of the aforementioned fan boys who persist in perpetuating the myth that Bubbles a) has a personality b) has particular talent:

As many Nordrassilains will already know: Bubbles is a legend. However this tale just adds another story to the Bubbles saga and deserves to be told. It was a stormy night in the World Warcraft and Bubble and Shenxlong were taking part in some arena matches as many people do, however this night was different. They came across a team called smokeweedeveryday who, judging by the name, really needed a beating: thus an epic battle commenced. Shenxlong managed to slay one of their foes however his victory was short lived as a hunter took his remaining life and banished him from the world of the living. Although distraught with the loss of his friend Bubbles' will did not falter, it did not falter for 2 hours as he remained in the arena out healing all the damage a hunter could throw at him, until finally-2 hours and 3 minutes later-Bubbles was killed and the opposing team was victorious.

Some hunters spend 2 hours trying to down Azuregos, others spend that time trying to down Bubbles. Which has better loot, who knows?

This fight spawned the following thread:

And here are some lovely screen shots that immortalise the event:

The Lesser Realm

Nordrassil's other name. In its battlegroup Nordrassil is consider rather 'backwater' to its unfriendly sister realms. Especially those such as Magtheridon, the realm in which-obviously-everyone is a member of Ensidia and rides on the back of their success in PvE.

However it cannot be denied that the other realms in Conviction Battlegroup have steamed ahead of Nordrassil in PvE progress in the past. Yet the inhabitants of Nordrassil thrive on the drama and social lives, which have been the downfall of this lesser realm's PvE progress. There is very little Nordrassilian guilds now that have progress that compares to other servers, namely Fallen Legion and Kyl lead the way for Nordrassil.

As for being the lesser realm in PvP, well look at our server tag and work it out for yourself.