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This article is an information page for the Saurfang realm (server)

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The information and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

Saurfang is an Oceanic PvE server in the Vengeance battlegroup. The server is named after High Overlord Varok Saurfang.


The server was opened on November 16, 2008[1] as a destination for free transfers from all Oceanic PvE and PvP realms. In December 2008[2], Blizzard allowed players who transferred to Saurfang to transfer to the new Gundrak PvP server, in case players who had earlier transferred from PvP realms wished to return to a PvP playstyle.

Saurfang Server Statistics

Online Date: 2008-11-18

Total Characters: 94,106
Total AllianceAlliance: 55,295 - 58.8%
Total HordeHorde: 38,811 - 41.2%
AllianceAlliance to HordeHorde Ratio: 1.4 : 1
Activity: 1.4 : 1
Battlegroup: Vengeance

PvE Progression

For up-to-date progression please refer to:

Saurfang Forum Progression (Maintained by Phishtank): Forums Wow Progress (Up to date progression) WOW Progress

PvE - Guild Realm First Achievements

25 Man Content

Instance Boss Guild Date
Kel'Thuzad (Naxxramas) Gossip Girl [A] 28/11/08
Malygos (The Eye of Eternity) Gossip Girl [A] 01/12/08
Sartharion + 3 (Obsidian Sanctum) Dissent [A] 29/12/08
Yogg-Saron + 4 (Ulduar) Ajantis [H] 17/05/09
Yogg-Saron + 0 (Ulduar) Ajantis [H] 07/12/09
Algalon (Ulduar) Ajantis [H] 07/10/09
Tribute to Insanity (Trial of the Grand Crusader) Ajantis [H] 23/12/09
The Lich King (Heroic) (Icecrown Citadel) Ajantis [H] 16/08/10
Halion (Heroic) (Ruby Sanctum) Ajantis [H] 27/09/10
Nefarian (Heroic) (Blackwing Descent) Ajantis [H] 9/06/11
Al'Akir (Heroic) (Throne of the Four Winds) Ajantis [H] 13/06/11
Sinestra (Bastion of Twilight) Ajantis [H] 5/11/11
Ragnaros (Heroic) (Firelands) Ajantis [H] 16/01/12
Deathwing (Heroic) (Dragon Soul) Ajantis [H] 22/03/12
Will of the Emperor (Heroic) (Mogu'shan Vaults) Ajantis [H] 10/12/12
Grand Empress Shek'zeer (Heroic) (Heart of Fear) Ajantis [H] 14/02/13
Sha Of Fear (Heroic) (Terrace of Endless Spring) Ajantis [H] 09/04/13
Ra-den (Heroic) (Throne of Thunder) Ajantis [H] 15/08/13

10 Man Content

Instance Boss Guild Date
Kel'Thuzad (Naxxramas) Gossip Girl [A] 22/11/08
Malygos (The Eye of Eternity) V Three [A] 30/12/08
Sartharion + 3 (Obsidian Sanctum) Ajantis [H] 04/01/09
Yogg-Saron + 4 (Ulduar) Ajantis [H] 03/05/09
Yogg-Saron + 0 (Ulduar) Ajantis [H] 26/04/10
Algalon (Ulduar) Ajantis [H] 18/08/09
Tribute to Insanity (Trial of the Grand Crusader) Ajantis [H] 02/10/09
The Lich King (Heroic) (Icecrown Citadel) Ajantis [H] 21/06/10
Halion (Heroic) (Ruby Sanctum) Ajantis [H] 11/07/10
Nefarian (Heroic) (Blackwing Descent) In Another Castle [H] 9/05/11
Al'Akir (Heroic) (Throne of the Four Winds) In Another Castle [H] 19/05/11
Sinestra (Bastion of Twilight) In Another Castle [H] 23/06/11
Ragnaros (Heroic) (Firelands) S Key Gamers [H] 8/10/11
Deathwing (Heroic) (Dragon Soul) S Key Gamers [H] 23/02/12
Will of the Emperor (Heroic) (Mogu'shan Vaults) Antiquus [H] 09/11/12
Grand Empress Shek'zeer (Heroic) (Heart of Fear) Antiquus [H] 14/12/12
Sha Of Fear (Heroic) (Terrace of Endless Spring) Skill Banner [H] 28/02/13
Ra-den (Heroic) (Throne of Thunder) Skill Banner [H] 06/05/13

Player v Player


Level 80 BG AllianceAlliance HordeHorde Win Ratio
Warsong Gulch < 1 min < 1 min Alliance2:1Horde
Arathi Basin < 1 min < 1 min Alliance2:1Horde
Alterac Valley 3 mins 3 mins Alliance1:1Horde
Eye of the Storm 5 mins 5 mins Alliance3:1Horde
Strand of the Ancients 2 mins 2 mins Alliance1:1Horde
Isle of Conquest 3 mins 3 mins Alliance1:1Horde


2v2 Top 3

  • 15 - We are Clickers
  • 37 - Hamsap Lar Deng

3v3 Top 3

  • 87 - Just Three of Us
  • 154 - You So Pringles
  • 207 - Seriously

5v5 Top 3

  • 63 - Cyclone Spam FTW
  • 92 - Emery Saurfang
  • 109 - More HKs then Hitler

Note: Number next to arena name is Battlegroup Rank.


Wintergrasp AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
Keep Captured 679 678
Keep Defended 22 869

Player Achievements

TOP 10

1 : Slavrix Ajantis 10225
2 : Delna Ilterendi 10185
3 : Panda Ajantis 10140
4 : Quann Ajantis 10015
5 : Ratholorn Molotov 9830
6 : Päv Ominous 9750
7 : Ondi Ominous 9705
8 : Steambeast Ajantis 9380
9 : Mhorac Ajantis 9245
10 : Alogagin Ilterendi 9180

  • Subject to change

Rare Achievements
 Insane in the Membrane

  • Kreisleriana <Ajantis>
  • Asaz <Los Locos>
  • Spearodoug <The Evil League of Evil>
  • Djfunkybob <Three Thousand>
  • Kizx <Indifferent>
  • Chanelle <Molotov>
  • Krazzie <Carpe Diem>
  • Ritsujin
  • Sikkzlol <YOU MAD CUZ YOU BAD>

 Battlemaster /  Battlemaster:

  • Tealc <Molotov> : 15/07/09
  • Markofkaos <Ajantis> : 28/09/09
  • Valyria <SRU Gaming> : 21/11/09

Legendary Item List

[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]

  • Ratholorn <Molotov>
  • Panamax
  • Cartollomew <Molotov>
  • Päv <Ominous>
  • Midi <Molotov>
  • Dropdeadqt <Molotov>
  • Xafuria <Molotov>
  • Iownjo <Demons Downunder>

[Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian]

  • <none>

[Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal]

  • Asaz <Los Locos>
  • Päv <Ominous>

[Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros]

  • Ratholorn <Molotov>
  • Päv <Ominous>

[Warglaive of Azzinoth]

  • Selten <Molotov>
  • Summosnr

[Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury]

  • Qtness <Molotov>

[Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings]

  • Lacie <Ajantis>
  • Greyie <The Last Prophecy>
  • Mhorac <Ajantis>
  • Delna <Ilterendi>


  • Grapple <Ajantis>
  • Chaeda <Molotov>
  • Sailervenus <Ajantis>
  • Dunx <Three Thousand>
  • Jackripster <Ominous>
  • Midi <Molotov>
  • Attrocity <Carpé Diem>
  • Ratholorn <Molotov>
  • Dropdeadqt <Molotov>
  • Anarior <Ascent>

Guild Listing

Alliance Crest Alliance

Horde Crest Horde

Guild Website
Alliance Advocat Ultima
Alliance Apocalypse
Alliance Ascent
Alliance Batibot
Alliance Carpé Diem
Alliance Carrion
Alliance Content Rejected
Alliance Dissent
Alliance Disturbed
Alliance Evolution
Alliance Dyslexics Untie dyslexics-un​
Alliance Indifferent​au
Alliance Molotov​u
Alliance Mercs
Alliance Ominous
Alliance The Night Shift
Alliance Three Thousand
Guild Website
Horde Ajantis
Horde Ascendo tuum
Horde Angelus Mortis
Horde Descendants
Horde Equilibrium
Horde Extra Bag Space
Horde Hate Vendor
Horde iGuild
Horde Method
Horde Raiders Inc
Horde Rebirth
Horde Vicarious

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