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This article is an information page for the Staghelm realm (server)

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The information and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

-Alliance-The Age of the Warlords-Horde-

Fall 2005: The beginning of the PvP group currently know as "The Warlord Group" or "The Helmet Squad" can be traced back to the guild named Warstomp PvP. The founding members of Warstomp PvP re-rolled on Staghelm after leaving their original server Aggramar. Their vision was to compete in the battlegrounds with their close friends, have fun and above all: Dominate the Alliance. And for the most part, they did just that. During Warstomp's peak, leadership was shared between Jetmorph, Grenade, and Furywithin. They were an extremely tight group. Their utilization of Teamspeak communication software, a relatively new concept on Staghelm, gave them the needed edge to quickly rise to the top. Warstomp PvP was often criticized for their use of teamspeak. Their communication and response time in the battlegrounds was simply unmatched by their Alliance counterparts. Along the way, Warstomp PvP made many friends who were invited to the group queue frequently. They selected only the best, who quickly became regulars. Warstomp PvP and friends simply destroyed the Alliance and had a swagger to their step, which they took with them into early December 2005.

The original "Warlord Group", as they were later referred to by the Staghelm community, was actually formed in late December 2005. It came about during a Warsong Gulch double honor weekend when the Warstomp PvP guild, having recently recruited new members, decided to close their doors to outsiders and prioritize their PvP invites from within their own ranks. The regular additions to the Warstomp PvP group, Sanchezi, Cobus, Fathernature, Grizzen, Cyrine, and Volgrethk, feeling somewhat distraught and left out, formed their own group (and their own channel on Warstomp PvP's Teamspeak server). This was met with mixed reactions from the leadership of Warstomp PvP. When this split occurred, tensions began to rise. "The Warlord Group" was told not to use Warstomp's Teamspeak server. It was at this point that the "Warlord Group" was officially formed. The main focus of this group: To work together and assist one another in the push to attain High Warlord, Rank 14. For others it was for fun. For all: It was to simply destroy.

Both squads did their best to co-exist. As one might imagine - Arathi Basin weekends worked well with both groups combining and fighting together. Warsong Gulch weekends were another story. The dominance of both groups was still very evident as even the mightiest of the Alliance pre-formed groups fell. However, continued tension led to Warstomp's eventual decline. The founders of Warstomp PvP finally decided that they had met their PvP goals, and wanted to focus on PvE. This decision gave birth to the guild Prominence: a merger of former Warstomp PvP, The Merciless, and Scorn members. For the most part, the PvP stayed the same. Prominence struggled as it searched for its identity. Many members still had PvP goals in mind; while others wanted to move on to fully focus on PvE content. Time passed and Prominence fell. This fall reinforced "The Warlord Group" as core players returned and refocused on PvP. As people met their goals in pvp and/or moved on, new players stepped in to fill their role.

All of the past High Warlords have been apart of the "Warlord Group" at some point during their pvp tenure. Others who did not make the coveted rank but pvped frequently with this group include but are not limited to: Furywithin, Wanik, Longwind, Deathrunner, Grenade, Remains, Cyrine, Bloodmane, Kadrakis, Tankrin, Siphyr, Grenk, Rictus, Saelan, Stoneyx, Ertilainde, Fafnar, Xetasi, Chestrocwell, Anthya, Ferdinand, Kallikan, Spawnofmoose, Amway, Adulante, Groutous, Cryptorchid, Magistrate, Hateblade, Alienanarchy, Insane, Karama, Tamu, Heyortin, Ricox, Broma, Callous, Tankk, Nutzzer, Ironmoose, Tooflyforyou, Nysstyr, Madnezz, Soflysokeith, Ramathorne, Tothiel, Lament, Cyllint, Tygore, Foosh, and Kazragore. These players created an unstoppable force that tore into the battlegrounds, enabling the horde to compete against the mighty alliance preforms of Heaven's Judgement, FTM and Venttrition. Though most of those who once were - are no more, their legacy is passed down and continued by their Horde brethren, and will continue for a long time to come.

-Alliance-The Arrival-Horde-

December 2005: Attrition and Vengeance made a big impact on the Alliance community of the Staghelm Server upon their arrival. From Hellscream, the Attrition and ex-Dawn members held bad blood between them for past transgressions, and did not mix well. There were not overwhelming hostilities between the guilds; other things held priority over petty problems. Heavens Judgement met the newcomers with mixed emotions. Most resented those who had just arrived, but others attempted to play politics and make the most of the situation. Attrition was looked up to, while Vengeance was looked down upon. The leadership of Heavens Judgement made the most of what was available to them, but lacking direction, they began to falter. Through deception, Heavens Judgement tried to discourage others from making a decision through means irrelevant to the decisions for many to transfer, such as lying about having first kills on multiple bosses in Blackwing Lair. The deceptive practices are rumored to still be exercised by their leadership, from application start to guild membership. -Attrition and Heavens Judgement-

Attrition came with the experience that much of the server was still acquiring. Attrition had fully cleared Blackwing Lair, with their first Nefarian kill one week after making the transfer, their focus began to broaden. While other top guilds of Staghelm were focusing solely on progressing through Blackwing Lair, Attrition was able to exercise free reign over outdoor encounters, namely, the Emerald Dragons. Many saw this as an unfair advantage over world spawns, but Attrition kept to themselves for the raids to take down each dragon. Repeated attempts and appeals from several Alliance guilds all resulted in the same response: "Once you learn the encounters, we have no problem assisting you with them." The stance aggravated several of the Native guilds, as well as the refugees, and was regarded as an elitist move to prevent others from learning the encounters and accomplishing them in the future. (Regardless of the fact that Attrition sat and gave opportunity to others to engage and experience the fights.)

Heavens Judgement became motivated, by forces within the guild and rumored influence from other figures, to refocus their goals and get back on track. The Lammi Saga began. An infamous guild hopper by the name of Pana had joined the ranks of Heavens Judgement. Having left the power guild of Forgotten Legacy on Hellscream, Pana had joined and quit several guilds, bringing success and failure to each, until coming to rest on Staghelm, under the new moniker of Lammi, in Vengeance. After disputes concerning loot, he joined the ranks of Heavens Judgement. Within a matter of weeks, the road block that Broodlord Lashlayer had set for Heavens Judgement was removed, and the rest of Blackwing Lair fell before them.

This was met by a mix of comments, from former Hellscream guildmates of Pana, both transfers and those remaining on Hellscream, but regardless of the impact Lammi may have had, Heavens Judgement had conquered Blackwing Lair.

-Alliance-The Road To Oblivion: Attrition and Heavens Judgement-Horde-

February 2006: Tensions between the guilds began to rise as time progressed. With the mediator Whodat disappearing for a time, those who stepped up in his wake did little to preserve the delicate balance between the two guilds who very much had their own well being as each person's first priority. Neither guild would give, but both were at one point willing to compromise. Gaara stepped into the fray, becoming the figurehead associated with Heavens Judgement, and also its black eye. Through his lack of diplomacy and inability to see his faults, he alienated contacts within other guilds, and changed his stance from friendships toward manipulation practices. Thus began the Heavens Judgement Propaganda machine. Through the network of alliances set up through the machine, with the collapse of the short lived Attrition/Heavens Judgement Coalition, Heavens Judgement became the dominant force, overtaking Attrition for supremacy over the outdoor spawns.

As time passed, relations deteriorated further, slowly boiling up with Heavens Judgement's leap frogging tactics over several boss spawns until the night where the shots were fired. An Attrition team was assembled to attack Emeriss, and as the pull team had made their way up the ramp, a Heavens Judgement officer by the name of Klip, ran up and made the ninja tag on the Dragon, pulling it over the Attrition raid and forcing the wipe. The end of relations had arrived. After word of the grieving had spread, both Alliance and Horde arrived on the scene to dictate their own form of justice. Heavens Judgement was forced to retreat, as were all other parties after a few hours, leaving Emeriss alive and well, and the final brick in the wall separating Heavens Judgement and Attrition.

-Alliance-The Age of the Warlords-Horde-

January 2006:The Horde roamed in packs through the PvP battlefields. Unguided, unmotivated, and unable. After being conquered by the Alliance races for some time, they decided to united, and cast aside their weakness in exchange for power. The Warlord group was born. Lead by figures such as, but not limited to, Sanchezi and Ricox, the glory days began. Soon, others joined the legacy, by the names of Hamx, Fathernature, Cobus, Tamu, Madnezz, and Cyrine, created an unstoppable force that tore into the battlegrounds, reclaiming their pride and creating a balance of power between the opposing faction's power players. Though most of those who once were are no more, their legacy is passed down and continued by their Horde brethren, and will continue for some time to come.

-Alliance-The Slaughter of Ahn'Qiraj-Horde-

February-March 2006: The Gates opened the gates on February 28th, starting the 10 hour event. That night, the raids began. Although the gates had been open for several months on other servers, for most there, this was the first time ever seeing the inside of the deep tunnels of the Silithid. Hours passed as several guilds made their way into the gates, and the first kills were made. Attrition, Vengeance, and Equinox. Attrition lead the way with the first kills on the server, killing Prophet Skeram, Three Bugs, Battleguard Sartura and Fankriss the Unyielding the first night. Vengeance finished second, killing Skeram and the Trio, followed by the Horde guild Equinox and Heavens Judgement with their kills of Skeram.

Over the following days, Attrition defeated Princess Huhuran before falling victim to a wave of change, forcing the guild to recruit and rebuild certain classes. Heavens Judgement surged on, soon catching up to Attrition, and inevitably passing them with the kill of the Twin Emperors, a month before Attrition would, by a more intensive raid schedule and harsher hours, as well as a more aggressive recruitment policy.

Vengeance suffered several small defeats internally, as problems long buried began to surface and manifest into severe divisions, and several members left the guild. Through the turbulence, Vengeance was slowly able to recruit, rebuild and refocus and push ahead.

-Alliance-Blackwing Lair Conquered-Horde-

March 2006: Though months behind the first guilds who had set foot in Nefarian's Lair, more of the native guilds on Staghelm began to drive through the instance, rapidly conquering the creations that resided within. Alliance side, there was an ever-present race between Omicron and Aion, two guilds literally days or at most, a week apart on all their "firsts." Omicron had beaten Aion to every first kill, sometimes only by a matter of hours, up to and including Chromaggus. Omicron then was hit hard by Final exams, being made up of mostly college students, many RL friends, and were severally delayed by lack of raids, and fell behind Aion. Aion's first Nefarian kill came in early April, Omicron's early May (note, Aion and Omicron never shared any of the animosity some of the above guilds did, while Omicron again pulled ahead through AQ40, they both struggled for members, and eventually merged).Horde also made its accomplishments, and more and more guilds began to join in on the assault of Ahn'Qiraj.

-Alliance-The Beginning of Venttrition-Horde-

March 2006: Finding common bonds in their former roots, Attrition and Vengeance resolved their differences, forging Venttrition. Through the alliance, they attempted to countered Heavens Judgement's monopoly on the world spawns. This alliance, however, was only able to allow 1 dragon per cycle on average to Ventrittion. Though not at all perfect, the alliance between both guilds, and a few others, has lead to a solid cooperation between both guilds. For how long, one cannot say.

-Alliance-The Fall of Dark Fury-Horde-

March 2006: The relatively overlooked third party of the Alliance transfers came with a man named Eggie, under the new moniker of Elmer. Seeking a fresh beginning from an unforgiving past on Hellscream, he formed the guild Dark Fury with delusions of grandeur. All was not as it was intended. People came, and people went. Drama surged through the guild's very veins, creating internal turmoil that ceased to ever be suppressed. Upon learning of Elmer's private dealings with the Guild bank for solely personal gain, several members went into an uproar, many losing trust and respect for the man who had led them since December. His lack of justification and reinforcement of the bank belonging to him, rather than the guild, further forced others to seek to distance themselves from him, leaving him with very little other than a name and a crippled guild. Then in April, Dark Fury fully disbanded, and Elmer organized a merger with the up and coming Alliance National Guard, a guild crippled by their officers and MT leaving, after their GM applied to Attrition. Dark Fury was no more, and ANG began a formal push to clear past Domo in MC.

-Alliance-The Giant Reawakens-Horde-

April 2006: Equinox was the top Horde guild in progression. Even with their success, the seeds of dissent had been sowed. For a number of reasons not completely agreed upon by all members, the dedication and understanding that was once the backbone of the guild had fallen into a slumber and could not be stirred by simple calls for change. It was time for an awakening.

Equinox shattered, and in its place, Reawaken arose. Rebuilt upon the ideals that once made them strong, the guild united and cast aside the chains that caused the problems of the past. Through their redefining and recreation, they focused hard upon the task at hand, and reached the progress of their stalled Alliance counterparts.

-Alliance-The Collapse of Vengeance-Horde-

May 2006: in the early morning, Vengeance disbanded. Two members, Mordrin 60 priest and Takeruo 60 rogue decided the guild was heading in a bad direction after loss of many members and the end was near. 10 min after leaving deathlord ex, 60 pally reported synith (guild leader)to have said GG lady and gents over vent, followed by disbanding the guild. The final straw or so it where. tak and mord where not the first in a long string of hard core raiders to leave for rival guilds. Throughout the day, several people questioned as to why the guild suddenly vanished, but stories of internal turmoil and problems began to surface. Talks of reformation began, Valaran 60 mage took control of the reform with help of Vx 60 Druid and together they reformed the guild under a new banner and from the ashes was reborn a phoenix. Vx did not stay in Phoenix but his aid in the guilds creation will never be forgotten.

-Alliance-Rise of the Phoenix-Horde-

May 2006: In the ashes of Vengeance, a new guild emerged. Phoenix was born, gathering much of the old forces of Vengeance and forging a new guild with new goals, and stronger resolve. Though the birth, or rebirth, of any body of power is met with a time of uncertainty, building the determination to withstand the assault of misfortune only makes one stronger. The Test of Time will determine this Phoenix's fate.

-Alliance-Scourge Invasion-Horde-

June 2006: The arrival of the Scourge and their various world attack points opened the gates to the black citadel of Naxxramas, floating high above the Eastern Plaguelands, over the fallen city of Stratholme that Arthas laid siege to during the Scourge's first campaign. Through its gates awaited the armies and avatars of war of Kel'Thuzad. Several guilds paid the Argent Dawn for their assistance in accessing the citadel, only 3 struck victories against Kel'Thuzad. Heavens Judgement struck first, and Attrition on the Alliance, Reawaken on the Horde. More to Come - This is an Event in Progress

-Alliance-Succession's Fall-Horde-

August 2006: With roots in the early months of Staghelm coming online, Succession faltered and fell in it's attempt at end-game progression. On Aug. 6th, /gdisband was typed, and the many members went their separate ways. May those that re-forged under Mass Casualty find luck in future endeavors. Also several former members of Succession moved as a bigger group to Greymane server and joined a guild named The Afflicted there. To all the rest, For the Horde!


September 2006: Heavens Judgement hit a road block as several things went awry very quickly. Losing 2 of their strongest geared Warriors in a widely publicized event through the realm forums, including their Guild Master/Main Tank, things do not appear to be going smoothly. Though many outside of the guild see this as a blessing in disguise, none will argue that the immediate effects are detrimental. Set back a bit, many are determined to fill the gap the two warriors opened and get back on track. More to Come as the event unfolds

-Alliance-New Determination: Vanquish and Vertex Form-Horde-

September 2006: After losing their GM/MT Gaara due to the aforementioned drama, the members of Heavens Judgement decided to do away with the now jaded HJ name and reform the guild under the name of Vanquish. With a fresh name this guild hopes to continue it's dominance of Naxxramas.

The two guilds Aion and Omicron, both facing setbacks and slow progression due to a recent lack of players, merged to form the guild Vertex. With a larger raid schedule and new determination, the members of Vertex hope to gain a stronger foothold on the server as they progress through Naxxramas and prepare for the Burning Crusade expansion.

-Alliance-The rise of Team Or-ee-gon-Horde-

Formed by former members of vengeance months after the the break up, this reclamation marked a new age for former members and new ones alike. Founded out of Oregon state but branching out this group is aiming its sights high as it prepares itself for arena domination, though guild name may change this group seeks excellence in everything they do. To improve their skill they regularly two man 5 man content including BRD and Scholo, full runs. Though not impressive from a full tier 3 standpoint their somewhat lack of gear makes this a worthwhile exercise at improving personal skill and reaction time. If this guild has what it takes to be the best has yet to be seen, what is known is that they will put up one heck of a fight trying.

-Horde-The Burning Crusade and Honor Change-

The weeks before the Burning Crusade's release was the honor change for the patch. No more HK or DK. A simple check on the /who showed that the majority of the higher level players have put a complete halt on raids and dungeons to PvP. With the addition of the looking for group system and bringing back the /4 there still was a empty spot instances were empty and people crowded the battlegrounds for the HWL gear. While the gear is great and easily obtained there, a couple of guilds wouldn't let easy honor stop their reign of raid terror. One guild stepped up to the plate and knocked MC and BWL around, Mass Casualty stayed in the race and continued with added pace to get as far as possible before TBC was opened. Horde guilds like Reawaken, Not Suitable For Kids, and 0ne weren't seen around and a number of their members left because of their idle status but bringing up the rear in strong guilds was Blood Tyrants a rag-tag group of players who have been alive and well for a while. With added members from NSFK BT is growing and becoming a threat to the idle guilds. The outcasts (Blood Tyrants) has even been the first guild to venture to Karazhan and kill a few mobs around the entrances for various items, money, and experience. Live guilds as of Jan.15th are One, Blood Tyrants, Mass Casualty, Reawaken, and a few Not Suitable For Kids. Council Of Elders and Radio Free Horde, the two longest running casual guilds on the server, had no comment on their progression or status. As a note to the release of BC. Traffa, mage of The Foundation, was the first to 70 on the server.

-Horde-25 and 10 man raid size not so easy-

TBC was released 2 months ago and a lot has happened since. Several people managed to hit level 70 during first week. Few weeks after TBC coming out first Karazhan raids were in progress. Karazhan seems to be a problem for former 40 man guilds even if they are running 2 teams. There are always people left out. Same works for 25 man raids. This situation has got many people annoyed enough to leave their old larger guild and either transfer, join smaller guilds or form a new guild. We have already seen the rebirth of Moonlight Shadow and it's rumoured that many guilds have lost quite large amount of members over this issue. Contrary to the previous assumptions of smaller guilds dominating new raid scene now that raid size is 10 or 25, the 3 most progressed guilds have remained the same: Attrition Vanquish and Reawaken. There are some big expectations from Mass Casualty after few old big names from the former Immortalis Arma have joined them and are partly running things now. it's still very early to draw big conclusions since there is so much stuff to do in TBC.