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Made by Polar, Snorkyorky, Autumnrain, Tala and Taldihr.

This is a radio station for the Server:Steamwheedle Cartel Europe, which is an RP server.

Forum: Steamwheedle Cartel Radio Forums

Radio: Steamwheedle Cartel Radio Link


Music: This site plays anything from pop to death metal. Indie to rock. Country to nu metal. Dance to Rap anything and we also have daily talk shows.

To listen you need the winamp music player


Made by Polar with the help of Autumnrain Steamwheedle Cartel Radio started with Polar doing shows. They got some staff on board including server celebrities Snorkyorky and Orgmothgrum. Snorky and Mothy used there famousness to get people listening to the radio and to get more djs on board. After a successful start Polar left the station for an unknown reason leaving control to Autumnrain.


SWC Radio has come back after being away for 2 Months. In it's return Autumn brought loads of new features these involve: A new Site brought to the station by Tehiliath A New Forum with a whole new design A IRC Chat Channel (new) the website also now has a .com rather than the long link we had before Pod Casts.

These are only some of the features that has been braught in, there are still many more to come in future months. On 15th December the site went down and went back up on the 19th.

Hallow's End Party

On October 31st at 18;00 server time at Razor Ridge A Halloween party was held with lots of events and prizes to be won.

Broom: Race winners:

Leatrix 1st Tala 2nd

Costume Compotiton Winners:

Tala 1st Snorkyorky 2nd.

Christmas Special

On 22nd December 2007 Sgehoof and Draconicfire did a special show. Sagehoofs computer went a bit wroong so Draconicfire had to do it from his computer and Sagehoof on Skype talked. A funny bit of the show was when Sagehoof hid from Snorkyorky and when Snorky found him Sagehoof gave him 50s instead of the 5g Snorky should have won in a compotition. Another bit was when Df went on Freynak to quest in 1000 Needles, But Leatrix knew where he was and she went Snorky to surprise. And Freynak tried to run away but Snorkys Frostwolf Howler was too fast for poor old Freynak.



  • Autumnrain
  • Drayken
  • Orgmothgrum (Sagehoof)
  • Snorkyorky
  • Tala
  • Tehiliath
  • Draconicfire/DF/Freynak
  • Kraa
  • Leatrix

Upcoming Shows

Snorky has started doing a script with Tala for a radio play based on the Mirage Raceway


Steamwheedle Cartel Radio Shows