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The Conclave (of Steamwheedle Cartel) is an affiliation of Horde guilds and individuals that operate together for mutual benefit through various Roleplay and Dungeon and Battle events. The chat channel for members of affiliated guilds is /ConclaveDelegates (Delegates Only) and /ConclaveMembers (for all).

Inception (IC)

Under the rules of the Horde, Gul'dan worked with the Shadow Council, a collection of the most powerful and influential Warlocks, which worked as a ruling body under the nefarious orc. Due to causes of alarm and the necessity for quick, unchallenged action, the new and honorable Warchief, Thrall, was wise enough to recognize that - although twisted and vile - the Shadow Council served a purpose. That purpose was unity of vision. In recent times, the Horde has fallen into dissarray and disunity. In response, the Warchief sent out correspondance to the leaders of the many factions within the Horde, calling them to Orgrimmar to represent their collective interests and bring the Horde back to its former glory as an organized machine of war and civilation.

Inception (OOC)

The Conclave serves as an open forum for role-playing and community within the Horde. There have been several attempts at organizing such an affiliation, and the Conclave is the most recent. The Conclave allows smaller guilds of the Horde to have easier access to grouping to tackle raid dungeons, and to organize large-scale RP and PvP events — as many on Horde enjoy every aspect of the game. In practice, it works as a confederation of guilds rather than an alliance, meaning that participation is optional but preferable.

Conclave Premier

Participating Guilds

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Current Events

08 January 07

Jhullienne Treyakan, Premier of the Conclave, brought down her sentencing of Kodar Nighteye and Zerrai Dejorou on this day. Both were found guilty on all the charges against them.

Zerrai's Powers were Bound against use, and was exiled to Silvermoon City to serve the Sin'Dorei Council of Mages in their attempts to cure their race's addiction to magic. It was thought that, due to her own addiction to (and subsequent recovery from) the arcane, she might provide insight into the issue. The Council of Mages has committed to treating her humanely as they study her and her former condition.

Kodar was also Bound against using his Powers, and was exiled to Moonglade to serve the Cenarion Circle at their whims. The reasoning was that although Kodar was undeniably a threat to the New Horde and its government, he was also a powerful Druid whose talents should not go to waste. The Cenarion Circle retains the power to use Kodar's abilities even though he himself cannot.

Past Events

03 January 07

Making their first appearance at the Conclave, the Blackrock Iron Brigade came under the leadership of Gorroth. He addressed the Conclave, expressing discomfort over slander being done to his faction by others. Rather than bring the situation into open conflict with the offending party, Gorroth merely appealed to the Conclave to keep an open mind when regarding the Iron Brigade, and to not prejudge him or his based merely on the opinion of another faction. After having addressed the Conclave, Gorroth respectfully withdrew. It is hoped by many that the Brigade become regular participants in Conclave events.

Kazubo of the Skulldance Clan brought forth news of having found several bodies in the Barrens, one of which was a Tauren cow and her calf. The calf was found injured but alive, and is being cared for. In addition to the cow, two trolls were also found dead, and Kazubo expressed the opinion that all four attacks were the work of the same Alliance Hunter. Verizamour of Hell Shadow came to the conclusion that it may have been related to the mass Alliance assaults that central Kalimdor had withstood in the two days previous, but at this point it is all susposition.

Near the end of the session, Zerrai DeJorou and Kodar Nighteye were both brought before the Conclave to explain their actions regarding the recently foiled plot to resurrect the Old God Ko'zhe. Zerrai explained that she had been spiritually corrupted by Darkness that embodied in a staff she had acquired, and that Kodar had nurtured that Darkness to his own ends. It was revealed that, after cleansing by Zamboozle, Zerrai was no longer under the influence of the Darkness, and was repentant regarding her actions. She has since submitted to the Will of the Conclave and the judgement of Her Premier, Jhullienne Treyakan. She is currently being held by the Shadow Priests of Undercity in the Pools of Vision of Thunderbluff.

When prompted to speak, Kodar admitted all responsibility, albeit without remorse, and admitted to manipulating not only Zerrai and her Darkness, but also the Will of the Conclave, all with the intent to bring Ko'zhe back into the Mortal Realm and subjugate the Horde to Her. He is currently being held under the guard of the Stormcaller Tribe in Bloodhoof Village.

Jhullienne Treyakan abstained from making her Judgement during the Conclave, citing the need for deliberation. She instead committed to releasing her verdict five days hence (Monday, 08 Jan 07) in a closed session of the Conclave.

17 Dec 2006

((As written by Tarantules.))

The Hunt Continues: Zerrai the Outcast, is still on the loose, brothers and sisters. I, Tarantules, Wapasha of the Company of the Sword, and Krush Blackhorn of The Hunt bring news. It seems that she has left some clues behind that she maybe moving north to the forests of Ashenvale, Felwood, and beyond. No new bodies have been found which is good, but then why has she stopped needing to kill? Hmm, interesting.

The Trail of the Church and the Child: Now it is not my understanding that The Conclave has any claim to the law of the land, but this matter was brought to it's attention and was settled (hopefully) in house. Bruteclaw, and his mate Suweela were blessed with a child, born on the stroke of midnight in the Undead's most visited drinking spot, The Gallow's End Tavern in the hamlet of Brill. The Church of the Inverted Dawn came to honor the birth, and asked for a small "tribute," if you will. A misunderstanding resulted in flared tempers, and threats of cannibalism. Our wise leader calmed the two parties involved and decided that the Church would seek nothing more of the child, and that The Duskrider Tribe would let the matter go.

The Changing of Venue: Lastly (at least from what I saw, as the evening drew late and I had to retire) the city of the orcs has been the meeting place of The Conclave. More precisely Thrall's Chamber, while a lovely meeting place, is quite busy. The next meeting will be held in Thunderbluff around the bonfire in front of Cairne Bloodhoof. Be there or don't.

09 Dec 2006

After much debate, Jhullienne Treyakan, Knight-Captain oathsworn to the Sin'dorei family House Indari, was elected as the figure head of The Conclave. Talks ranged from The Circle's lack of will to handle the threat from Ahn'Qiraj, the Scourge in Lordaeron, the pressure from the Alliance and the murders of several men by the madden troll witch Zerrai.