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One of the most prominent aspects in the Venture Co. Server is the RP climate. If you go looking for RP, you will find it.

"So I wanted to fish. Next thing I know the Midnight Reveries are having a great RP session behind me so I figured I'd join in." - Derken

Global Roleplay

TVC RP Guild List + Event Calendar

A Guild listing and event calender on the Warcraft forums is also updated by Jerome of Keepers of Stromegarde Alliance 15.gif.

TVC RP Guild List + Event Calendar

RP Channel

A suggestion by the members of this community was the possibility to promote a broader use of the already existent RP channel. The name of this channel is “RP” and it has been around for a good while now, although it has solely served as us role-players as an obscured stage to practice our IC skills. I personally believe we could very well use the full potential of this tool to integrate the community under the purpose of promoting role-playing in our server, as well as communicate impromptu events, meet new role-players and, of course, practice your RP skills.

For that matter I shall place a reminder to all those interested in supporting this humble effort. The channel name is RP and I believe it exists on both sides of the coin, Alliance and Horde alike.

/JOIN RP today and be part of the fun!

- Jerome <Keepers of Stromgarde>

Here is a good rundown of the RP channel and its subchannels orginally posted on forums by Ulchawak: The setting of the /rp channel is an Inn, which includes the following areas, each represented by its own channel:

RP Channels
Channel Subchannel of Faction Purpose
/rp Both Main tavern room of the Inn, includes a full bar, many tables, windows, and a raging fireplace with stone mantle.
/rpoutside /rp The immediate exterior of the tavern, a forested area with thick hedges and a path leading down to the lakeshore.
/rplakeshore /rp The shore of the lake has a pier for fishing and a semi-circle of rough-hewn benches, as well as a bonfire ring and spirit shrine.
/rpupstairs /rp Upstairs at the Inn there are five rooms, each with different quality beds or cots, a small hearth, and windows facing outdoors. Prices range from flophouse to chateau.
/rploft /rp The loft of the Inn has only one window, looking down over the lake. It is dark, and cluttered with cobwebs and dusty old trappings of the Inn's owners, as well as large bookshelves and a long, heavy oak table.
/rpcellar /rp Beneath the tavern floor is a large dugout cellar with cold stone walls and a soul shrine. The various supplies of the Inn are in a locked and warded underground pantry. Great spot for warlock rituals.

Global Event History

Links to all the global RP events are below.

VeCo RP Badges

The VeCo RP and RP-PvP badges were designed to help promote a vibrant Role Playing community among of players of VeCo US. Feel free to save these images, display them on your own guild website, and show off your VeCO RP pride. Also be sure to link back to this page!

VeCo RP Badge
VeCo RP-PvP Badge

Registered RP Guilds

These are known guilds and players that promote role play inside the guild, between other guilds and between factions. These guilds vary distinctly in size, style and preferred game play (PvE and PvP).

Alliance 15.gif Alliance
Guild RP Level PvP/PvE Guild Leader Website Description
Keepers of Stromgarde Heavy PvP Taibak Guild Site
Midnight Reveries Heavy PvP Dreamer Guild Site
Kazad Zanvarad Medium ?? Ruryk Guild Site
Knights of Justice ?? ?? Mystraal Guild Site
Church of Azeroth ?? ?? ?? [Guild Site]
Kanoste Hyanda Agarwaen Medium PvE Derken Guild Site
Knights of the Light Medium ?? Cynfaen Guild Site
The Brethren Heavy ?? Aikon Guild Site
The Grim Covenant Casual PvP/PvE Oakblade Guild Site
Twilight Vanguard Heavy PvP Davek [Guild Site]
Guardians of the Light Medium PvE Elyssah/Ketch Guild Site A casual, mature guild that is committed to enjoying all aspects of the game.
Thieves Guild Heavy ?? ?? [Guild Site]
Scions of Elune Heavy Light/Medium Janala Guild Site
Order of the Dragons Medium/Heavy Light Demarth Guild Site
Horde 15.gif Horde
Guild RP Level PvP/PvE Guild Leader Website Description
Suncrown Heavy PvE/PvP Valinmar Guild Site
The Blacktooth Grin Heavy PvP Yagyu Guild Site
The Thunderlord Clan Heavy ?? Zamarak Guild Site
Bloodthunder Tribe Heavy PvE Grímur Guild Site
Haven Medium ?? Sheldan Guild Site
Aeturnas Trinitas Medium PvP/PvE Sarafias [ Guild Site Migrated from Shadowbane, long-standing and constantly growing new friendships, casual but serious and mature]
Shindu Belore Medium ?? Egil Guild Site
Grunts Casual PvE? Gimmealegg Guild Site
Cult of the Flying Tauren Specialty None ?? [Guild Site]
RP Players
Character Guild Faction
Bobwhite Freelance Alliance 15.gif
Dawnblade Venom Horde 15.gif
Vasilev (Guildless) Horde 15.gif
Grímur Bloodthunder Tribe Horde 15.gif
Nadie Bloodthunder Tribe Horde 15.gif
Vesytia Senjin Village People Horde 15.gif
Wadjet Senjin Village People Horde 15.gif
Karinana Obsidian Fist Alliance 15.gif
Vanah Obsidian Fist Alliance 15.gif

Known Factional Rivalries

Many guilds directly compete with one another between the Alliance and Horde camps. One of Venture Co.'s finest points are our multiple rivalries between the factions causing some of the most prolific battles on the server.

Alliance 15.gif Guild Horde 15.gif Guild Active Description
Keepers of Stromgarde The Blacktooth Grin Yes Direct confrontations due to a constant struggle to control Arathi (see the Battle for the Keep)
Keepers of Stromgarde Grunts No Direct confrontations due to a constant struggle to control Arathi (see the Battle for the Keep)
Midnight Reveries The Blacktooth Grin Yes The Grin attacked Midnight Reveries during Shadows Over Khaz Modan
Keepers of Stromgarde Suncrown Yes Mutual racial hatreds due to actions of the Third War (Warcraft 3)
Midnight Reveries Venom Yes Heated combat caused by Venom from the Assault on the Peak
Kanoste Hyanda Agarwaen The Blacktooth Grin Yes Derken (GM of KHA) killed the Warlord Farqual (BTG) (see The Fall of Legends)
Guardians of the Light Aeturnas Trinitas Yes

Known Intra-Factional Rivalries

Occasionally, guilds within the same faction argue and become bitter enemies. These inter-factional hatreds may not cause great battles, but tend to create great inter-guild RP stories.

Alliance 15.gif Alliance Rivalries
Guild Guild Description
Alliance Guild1 Alliance Guild2 Reason for rivalry
Horde 15.gif Horde Rivalries
Guild Guild Description
Blacktooth Grin Thunderlord clan Intense personal rivalry between the Chiefs
Aeturnas Trinitas Suncrown Deep seated political adversaries

Allied Factions

Many guilds have also allied on numerous occasions for either convenience or to accomplish goals. Many of these alliances can survive for days or months.

Allied Guild Factions
Name of Faction World Faction Active Guilds Associated
The Horde Council Horde 15.gif No Blacktooth Grin, Venom, Grunts, Suncrown, Senjin Village People
The Old Dread Horde Horde 15.gif No Blacktooth Grin, Suncrown, Lament of the Highborne, Thunderhoof Clan
The Dread Horde Horde 15.gif Yes Blacktooth Grin, Suncrown, Shadows of Lorderon, Thunderhoof Clan, Thunderlord Clan, Exitium, Warsong Axe Men, Hillsbrad Security, Order of the Ebon Wolf, Aeturnas Trinitas