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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Fall of Stromgarde

The Fall of Stromgarde was another RP-PVP event on The Venture Co server featuring the Blacktooth Grin. It was initiated in March 2009 by the Alliance guild, The Keepers of Stromgarde. The campaign followed the Grin's internal event [Demons of the Blacktooth] and told the story of the Blacktooth Grin’s attempt to finally destroy the Keepers of Stromgarde. The story was told through both RP posts on the VeCo realm forums and world RP-PVP events in-game.

The Campaign

Assassination Attempt

The campaign began with the Grin hosting a DreadHorde meeting at Sun Rock Retreat. While on the way there, Yagyu and Ashenrock are ambushed by assassins carrying a tabard of the Keepers of Stromgarde. During the attempt Yagyu is heavily poisoned and Ashenrock is near death and evacuated to Mulgore. The attempt is secretly engineered by Gorfrunch but galvanizes the bickering DreadHorde into once more following the Grin to war.

The Siege of Stromgarde

As the DreadHorde attack Refuge Pointe, defenders are drawn out of the Keep allowing the main body to approach unhindered and lay siege to the Keep. Stonemug leads the defense inside the Keep but without supplies and reinforcements the Grin siege begins to weaken the walls and the Keepers resolve. Finally, Grin siege engines shatter the gates and the DreadHorde takes the Keep while Stonemug leads the survivors out of the Keep and attempts to escape to SouthShore and Menthil.

The Death of the Warchief

As House Suncrown occupies the Keep, the Grin tracks the Keepers across the Arathi Highlands. As the Grin races to cut off Stonemug's escape, Yagyu continues to experience pain even though his wounds have healed. It isn't until Ashenrock returns to the Grin and finds that Bok'theg has been sapping Yagyu's lifeforce to power the shard that holds Gorfrunch. When Ashenrock tells Yag the truth, the Chieftain corners the Warlock and destroys the shard. Now free of Bok'theg's shard Gorfrunch is free to complete his plan to retake his old clan. The Grin arrive at the gates of Menethil before the Keepers and battle ensues. As Yagyu and Stonemug face each other down, Gorfrunch quietly orders the Grin squad leaders not to follow Yagyu's charge into battle. The Keepers, seeing Yagyu deserted by his troops wait for Stonemug to engage the orc before swarming over the Warchief. In the end, Yagyu is felled by Stonemug and the Keepers of Stromgarde and Gorfrunch stands unopposed in his takeover.


The Keepers escape to Northrend to lick their wounds and plan for the eventual retaking of their Keep even as Gorfrunch returns to the now occupied Keep to consolidate his control over the Blacktooth Grin.