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I updated this page based on the guild progression thread. Mav is also updating this page. Gilneas non-Wiki users please send me an in game mail (Lucinda) if you want something changed / updated. Wiki users obviously change / update yourself. Planning on adding the PvE progression table when I have a chance to compile from the thread list. -Luci 14:22, 27 June 2006 (EDT)

  • Updated, please continue to update if you see any corrections or updates required. Luci 07:15, 20 July 2006 (EDT)

You liked Icecrown?

Someone had said they were thinking of updating this page in the Server:Icecrown US discussion page. Well I just did a lot of updates on our page, some of which you might like. best of luck to ya.

Updated through #180

Updated through post #180 on the WoW Gilneas thread. I had a mishap (ahem) partway through (grr, can't edit two sections simultaneously), so some edits may have been dropped, but I tried to make sure they're all there.

I'm trying to make format a bit more consistent. If there are optional bosses, they are listed after the "main line", separated by commas. So we have entries like "Hakkar, Jin'do" and "Fankriss, 3 Bugs" and so on.

In some cases, I can't tell from the WoW forum thread exactly what's farmed. So a lot of guilds may show "Hakkar (farm)" even though they're farming Jin'do too.

Can't settle on what boss name to use. I'm leaning toward brevity, so if I find myself updating this again, I'll probably use names like "Thekal" and "Buru" rather than "High Priest Thekal" and "Buru the Gorger".

- User:Kewangeder 2006 Aug 01 1:33pm

  • Thanks for the updates. I think the Blizzard Gilneas thread is confusing, becuase optional bosses or alternate paths aren't clear from stating who a guild is 'working on'. That's why I have things listed as confirmed kills. Just being sure we're all consistent, since several different people are updating this page now.Luci 22:39, 9 August 2006 (EDT)

Updated through #220

Continuing to find and fix minor errors (e.g., spelling, boss listed in wrong columns). Major difference this update is that I removed the redundant "(farm)" that people were listing, it made the whole table hard to read, and people were putting it up there after killing a boss once, so it didn't really make a distinction between killing once if we're lucky vs. killing every week in our sleep. Remember everyone, this is bosses KILLED, not WORKING ON. Luci 08:14, 15 August 2006 (EDT)

User: Bainn

2007 Sept:

Page in urgent need of updating. Added content and edited statistics based on current data.

User: Jasura

11/28/07: To Bainn: I apologize for the "Unauthorized entry" that you deleted. Do you have any ideas on what can be done to keep a list of known ninjas on servers? There used to be a website where you could submit information about ninjas on servers but it does not exist anymore.