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If anyone from the server has more info, or would like to change anything please do so.

General Corrections

  • Corrected small Grammar error. Have some ideas for making the PvP video links a bit more organized. Also going to confirm source of information regarding Resilient. I believe they have disbanded. Guild link is no longer a good page. -- Varonin 17:18, 5 January 2007

Deleted Content "Rant/Off Topic"

  • Removed rant posted to do with discussion boards unrelated to topic:

"Here, let me do you the favor of tuning you into an important fact about Kalecgos:

Here at kalecgos we realize that people become bored in their daily life. This can mean several things:

1. We will troll your forums and post constructively.

2. We will troll your forums and post in a humorous yet insulting manner.

3. We will flame your forums hard, and by hard I mean from behind and without lubrication.

Also here at Kalecgos we realize that doing any one of these three actions will result in people from your forums coming over to troll ours, and in turn they will post some of the most ignorant crap on the planet...

...but you know what purpose this serves?

None of us are bored anymore. Thank you for aiding us in our legendary journey to end boredom by mocking you and laughing at how gullible you are and how quickly you fall prey to our bait.

/wave /bye"

  • Let's not turn this into a rant board. I think we can do this in a more humorous fashion and label it with the appropriate silly tag -- Varonin 17:18, 5 January 2007
  • Added that post, because it describes our realm forums accuartly, and it is Rampart that disbanded recently, appreciate someone else contributing though, and please change the pvp video links, its the best I could do without HTML, and I have a post floating around somewhere on realm forums, with a lot of videos, if you want to add those, but Its a little unneeded with BC comming out so soon or I would have added them myself
  • Check out the Help:Editing section. It makes things a bit easier to chart/table/organize the content you wish to add. I'll try to make any format changes you have difficulty with. -- Varonin 14:18, 10 January 2007
  • I am transfering servers, so you have to do all of the editing. -- Guygardner

New PvP Video Layout

  • We should consider cleaning up the list of major guilds in a similar fashion. Considering formating the guilds links with current progression. -- Varonin 10:35, 10 January 2007

Burning Crusade Progression

  • As pertaining to the release of Burning Crusade, progression through both the old and new realms will most likely still have to be tracked. We don't yet know the difficulty in progression in BC even though the max raid size is 25. PvP is PvP. I'm all for watching vids of people getting owned regardless of level. The bigger the selection of vids on this page, the more it will be used as a central resource. IMHO, we need a few more contributing editors so we can get the content here up to speed. There's alot more that we can add. -- Varonin 12:29, 10 January 2007

Guild Progression Update

Linked to separate page made already at Server:Kalecgos/Guild_Progression. This is a very good listing and can easily be updated to list BC instances/raids. Varonin 17:02, 17 January 2007 (EST)

Easier Guild Listings

Resorted and updated guild listings alphabetically. Varonin 17:02, 17 January 2007 (EST)

Guild Updates of Note

Horde Solutions, Inc. (I have been told by former members) has split. Those still in the guild have moved to a PvE server (unknown) while the remnants who remain on Kalecgos have started a guild called "Straight out of (outta?) Southshore". The guild link being no longer active lends credit to this information. Updated as such unless otherwise proven. Varonin 18:28, 29 January 2007 (EST)