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Famous Characters and NPCs

The 'famous characters' section was removed from the page due to petty infighting caused by one or two individuals on the Moonglade forum.

The intention was clear: the list was compiled fairly by following a thread on the forum. One or two individuals felt it was unfair to cast some people as famous whilst others were not - this can be summised as jealousy in many cases, although not all. However, the real core point is this: one or two individuals then felt it would be a 'smart idea' to try and add themselves to the list - even using their names on this wiki to do so - even though they had not been popularly listed by other people on the forum. It is a shame that such individuals would exist anywhere, but it is also a fact of life.

Therefore to prevent further infighting, jealousy or pathetic acts of vandalism, the section has been removed. Further attempts to undermine the goal of this project (furthering the Moonglade community, and providing a central pool for basic information,) will not result in sections being removed - they result in any acts of vandalism being reported to the administrators in the appropriate manner.

For those interested, the famous people were compiled from this forum thread.


Two things, one, the guild list needs to be reordered, alphabetically.

Secondly, I really don't get what's up with the HTML code. There's a <center> tag in it, for crying out loud!


Major Cleanup, almost done

Guilds will now be in alphabetical order. If you do add a guild, and do it in an order that is not alphabetical, you will be causing problems here as this is a wiki and your guild has no right to assert itself above others (quite literally).

I'll do the rest at some other point.

Somebody sort the Horde guild list

Alphabetically excluding "the" at the beginning of names. Ascending order (A->Z)