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Server talk:Staghelm US

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I would prefer that the "Timeline" were put after a list of guilds, since not everyone who is interested in the server wants to read all that. Superdupe has been banned for 1 year. I'll be watching this page on and off for vandalism, but please continue to put any suspected vandals into Wowpedia:Known vandals and I will evaluate their changes for possible ban. --Fandyllic 10:51 AM PDT 27 Jul 2006

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The Neutrality of this Article

It is my personal opinion that much of this article is biased towards the guilds of Attrition and Heavens Judgement, in the fact that it seems that Attrition is always favored to be the "better guild" over Heavens Judgement. I feel that some of Attrition's "faults" should be displayed as well, or at the very least, an opinion from the Heavens Judgement side of the arguement. I know for a fact that some of the accusations and slander placed against Heavens Judgement isn't always true, just opinions (not necessarily always fact, but sometimes) created by Xalpha's guild.

I'm not saying it's all wrong, I'm just saying that I feel it's very biased towards one side of a somewhat large tension between two very successful and extremely competitive guilds. --Edited 05:10, 28 July 2006 (EDT)

All very good points. Feel free to remove any opinions you believe are biased, but I will be monitoring changes, so try to be fair. --Fandyllic 3:31 PM PDT 28 Jul 2006

And As I had posted before, feel free to make any changes here and there as one would see fit. Being who I am, I see things pretty much as they have been said to me from what "natives" tell me while we talk, or by the acts and experiences I've had on the server. Granted, there is a lot of bad blood between guilds as guilds go, as people stand its not quite the same. There is a difference between being competitive as a guild, and then holding a complete disregard to any "Rules of Engagement". History, as history goes, is nothing more than the opinions of those left to write the history. If you have ideas to add, thoughts to contribute, by all means, I implore you to add to the story line. It makes this server more in depth and entertaining. Xalpha

Lets be honest here guys. Most of this article doesnt even give a proper history of the Staghelm server. Its more like a who's who of endgame raiders and their guilds. Lets be honest again in saying, there are alot more guilds on both sides, and alot more people as well who should be mentioned at least once in this article. It seems to me this whole "history" of Staghelm is all fiction based from someones one-sided misguided views that the world revolves around their respective raiding guilds. Long before most of these guilds existed, there were numerous others that have been conveniently omitted for one reason or another. Maelstrom, Gnomeland Security, and Shadows of the Eternal are just some of the guilds that should have been mentioned. Not to mention all the other large guilds who dont incorporate drama into the server. This "history" seems like a failed attempt to inflate someones misguided ego. I seem to recall quite a few GM's on alliance side who werent mentioned as well, but in my eyes, were omitted because they dont belong to any of the guilds currently listed on this "history" page. This isnt a rant, nor is it a slight to the endgame guilds and their progressions. This is more of a "Hey, you arent the only ones on the server. Quit thinking sooo highly of yourselves." This history was obviously written by someone who was in the know when alot of drama stuff went down. Its stuff like whats written in this history that gives Staghelm the nickname "Dramahelm." Honestly, are you all 10 years old? And to bring your arguments and disagreements onto wowwiki, well that just seems sad. Im thinking Fandyllic might think the same way, but being an admin wont say so. Maybe drama sells. I prefer to use the resources of Wowwiki. Their raid walkthroughs help tons. With that im done. -- Rhynn please sign your name next time

The beauty of a wiki is that many people contribute to it. If you think more needs to be added, then add it! It is silly to think that any one person playing on this server knows all the ins and outs of the accomplishments of all the guilds big and small. Let's be honest: most of the end-game raiding guilds know a decent deal about each-others business, drama and otherwise. They don't know much about a lot of other guilds. That's why users who do should contribute.

To address your point about Dramahelm what history is worth reading but that which has some drama value? Would you prefer this page just be a list of guilds, GMs, and the bosses the guilds have downed? That seems pretty useless and furthermore will only make the page even more slanted towards the end-game guilds.

Honestly your comment just sounds like sour grapes to me for not be included on this page. Which is even more ridiculous being that you can edit it whenever you want to include the details you believe are missing.

-- Teufel 10:06, 21 November 2006 (EST)

Added a couple references to the lower profile casual guilds and alphabetized the Alliance and Horde guild lists to make sure there's no visible preference given. Also, is "Ledgendary Retrabution" the way the actual guild spells it because it's all kinds of wrong. Lament. --Skewer324 02:11, 22 April 2007 (EDT)