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Major Guilds that Transfered

I have consolidated the information on transferred guilds into the Major Guilds that Transfered section. In the progression section I noted the ones that have left with transferred, should these guilds' progression entries be moved somewhere else or deleted entirely to keep the table clean and up-to-date? - Karrion 21:53, 10 September 2006 (EDT)

Dead guild links

I have removed the following guild links which appear to be dead:

Also the following are currently dead with less permanent-looking errors, if they continue to be dead they should also be removed:

- Karrion 20:52, 17 September 2006 (EDT)


hi my name is Mikkel AKA Sikmar i here that this is 1 of the best guilds on Terenas and som of my friends says that this is the best guild on Terenas well i dont noh but if this guld can giv help and support then it what i need im lvl 59 warrior and i play 24 hours a week and if you invite me ill stik to guild no mater how bad it gos.

-- User:Sikmar 30 September 2006