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Sethekk (alternate universe)

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For the cult from the main universe, see Sethekk.
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The Sethekk are a cult of cursed arakkoa found at the Sethekk Hollow in Spires of Arak. They were formerly led by Talon King Ikiss, who proclaimed himself to be the reincarnation of the arakkoa's ancient king and greatest hero, Terokk. The Sethekk worship Sethe, the dead god, who they were attempting to revive.

The Sethekk were also trying to summon Anzu, the dread raven god and Sethe's ancient enemy, out of the shadows in an attempt to control him so that he could spread darkness across Draenor (a task which they succeeded at in the main timeline). Anzu states that the Sethekk have pledged themselves to a lie and orders the cult slaughtered.

After Gul'dan's takeover of the Iron Horde, the Burning Legion began its invasion of Draenor in earnest, and the Sethekk allied themselves with the Shadow Council. They are mainly found at the ruins of Kra'nak, where the warlocks of the Shadow Council are instructing them in the arts of fel magic. They can also be found attempting to revive Rasthe, son of Sethe.


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