Sethekk Prophet

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MobSethekk Prophet
Image of Sethekk Prophet
Race Arakkoa (Humanoid)
Level 68 (Elite)
72 (Elite)
Health 13,000
Mana 34,410
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Sethekk Halls, Auchindoun
Sethekk Halls

Darkweaver Syth
Anzu (heroic)
Talon King Ikiss


Other Auchindoun instances

Sethekk Prophet are found in the Sethekk Halls in Auchindoun.

They are vulnerable to all forms of Crowd Control.

They gives 9 Lower City reputation when killed on Normal Mode and 15 on Heroic Mode.


  • Fear - Fears up to 4 people in 8 yards.
  • Spawns a ghost (named: Sethekk Spirit) when killed. These ghosts are similar to the trolls in Zul'Gurub, & Sunken Temple that when die also release a spirit. These Spirits move slowly and can not be killed or targeted, but will attack players if they are in melee range. Each attack also does a 700 Shadow Area of Effect Damage attack to nearby players.

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