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Settling In

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HordeSettling In

120 (Requires 120)




2g 34s

For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [120] The Needs of the People.


Set up the calling conch and make the rounds.

  • Ask Telur to move the Calling Conch
  • Swig of Slen's Elixir
  • Check in with Vim
  • Test the Calling Conch


Whatever Azshara is up to, this *ahem* great new landscape we have found ourself in is terribly inconvenient.

Too many getting too close to our home. We have moved most of the refugees deeper into the cave.

Could you ask Telur to move our calling conch inside?

Grab some of Slen's Elixir and check in with Vim.

Once it is set up, test it out!

I'm off to do a progress check!


You will receive:


We won't be missing that sound, land friend!


On approach
Neri Sharpfin says: Hey! You got a moment? I could use some help.
On accept
Neri mounts her snapdragon and goes away.
Neri Sharpfin says: I gotta run. They need some help down the hill.
Interact with Telur

Gossip Can you set up the calling conch in the cave?

Telur says: Yes, yes. Good job for me.
Telur picks up the conch and places it in the cave.
Telur says: Telur help.
Approach Slen
Slen Darkroe says: Ready to take a drink? Good! Thought so.

Interact with the Elven Cookpot to continue.

Approach Vin
Vim Brineheart says: We're exposed now that all the water's gone. The naga have been slithering all over the area.
Vim Brineheart says: Our scouts are taking a huge risk out there. They don't have many places left to hide.
Interact with Vim

Gossip Checking in!

Click on the conch to finish the objective.

Neri Sharpfin yells: You're all doing great! Keep up the good work!


  1. H [120] Create Your Own Strength
  2. H [120] Settling In
  3. H [120] Scouting the Pens
  4. H [120] Save A Friend
  5. H [120] Becoming a Friend & H [120] Down Into Nazjatar
  6. H [120] Insight into Our Enemies
  7. H [120] Deteriorating Knowledge & H [120] The Price is Death
  8. H [120] What We Know of the Naga
  9. H [120] Scouting Undercover
  10. H [120] Sating Snapdragons & H [120] Working with Purpose
  11. H [120] We Can't Have Dull Weapons
  12. H [120] Stealing the Naga's Secrets
  13. H [120] Sea Slug Liquidation & H [120] Coveted Crystals
  14. H [120] Let the Residue Lead You
  15. H [120] Clearing Out the Cache

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