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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.
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Sever's in-game replica,  [Replica Blood Guard's Cleaver]

Sever is a mighty axe belonging to the chieftains of the Frostwolf clan. With two blades of steel, honed meticulously to a leaf-thin sharpness, the huge axe is used as the chieftain's favoured weapon for battle, while Thunderstrike is used for hunting.[1]

Sever was passed down from Durkosh to Garad, and upon Garad's death to Durotan,[2] who wields it in battle against the Red Walkers on Draenor, and both humans and other orcs on Azeroth. It was one of the few possessions taken from the clan's home in Frostfire Ridge when the Frostwolves headed south to join the Horde.[2]

Following the slaughter of the Frostwolves by the rest of the Horde, Sever was taken to supply the other orcs.[3]


  • In the film's promotional image (see right), Durotan's axe is referred to as "Battleaxe", but in the novelization it is specifically described to be Sever, as seen in Warcraft: Durotan.
  • Sever is depicted in one of the film's in-game promotional transmogrification items, the  [Replica Blood Guard's Cleaver].

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