Shadow, Storm, and Stone

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Shadow, Storm, and Stone

Shadow, Storm, and Stone is a lore object located at [59.3, 26.3] in the northwestern nook of the thunder forge room of the Thunder Forges on the Isle of Thunder. Interacting with the lore object is one of the requirements of the Pandaria exploration achievement [Gods and Monsters].

Across mogu art and literature, one legend is found, repeated and embellished again and again. It is the legend of Shadow, Storm, and Stone. Here is a rough translation of the earliest known transcript of the story.

The beast of seven heads
Fumed seven breaths.
The land wept shadow
And the swarm blackened the sky.
Supreme was the ancient one;
None dared waken its wrath.
Until the coming of the Storm.[1][2]
First came thunder, then came Stone.
The thunder Storm's voice,
The Stone his weapon.
Lightning seared the sky.
The swarm fled from its light.
Stone struck at the heads of the beast.
The shadow bled into land and sky -
Fear and rage that would not die.
Storm's will was done.
Stone's purpose fulfilled.

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