Shadow of Doubt

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MobShadow of Doubt
Image of Shadow of Doubt
Race Sha (Elemental)
Level 90 Elite
Health 9,454,000
Mana 21,262
Location Jade Temple Grounds, Jade Forest
Status Killable



  • We will reclaim this world.
  • You will fail!
  • Your fragile minds are your greatest weakness.
  • Your world will end in darkness!
  • I cannot stand this sound!
  • My powers are drained!
  • The light blinds me!
  • What have you done to me?
  • I will return...
  • cannot be...
  • You cannot destroy us...
  • You cannot hope to stop us...


  • Deafened — Stuns and weakens an enemy, increasing damage taken by 900%. Instant. "Cast" by the Bell of a Thousand Whispers on the sha. 15 sec duration.
  • Growing Doubt 40 yd range — Creates a force of doubt that inflicts Shadow damage to all enemies within 4 yards every second. 2 sec cast. Uninterruptible. The bolt has a travel time before it lands where the target was when it cast. Ticks for 8100-11000 Shadow. (5 sec cooldown)
  • Sha Bolt 40 yd range — Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting Shadow damage. 3 sec cast. Interruptible. Hits for 10,595 Shadow.

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