Shadow of the Necropolis trailer

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The Shadow of the Necropolis trailer is the official trailer for Shadow of the Necropolis Patch 1.11.



IconSmall Necromancer.gif Kel'Thuzad: I was cast out by my comrades. Exiled. Forced to wander the frozen wastes...but I was not alone. Not entirely. The voice, now my only companion, guided me to my destination. Strange, nightmarish creatures awaited me at the entrance. I felt my blood run cold, as cold as Icecrown itself.
IconSmall Necromancer.gif Kel'Thuzad: Inside, I bore witness to horrific acts, demonstrations of power, power that could be mine for the asking. Terrified, I ran...but did not get far. All too soon, my choice was made. Too late did I realize that such power does not come...without a price.
IconSmall Kel'Thuzad.gif Kel'Thuzad: Now, the world shall pay a far greater toll, for I have returned.
IconSmall Kel'Thuzad.gif Kel'Thuzad: I am Kel'Thuzad...
IconSmall Kel'Thuzad.gif Kel'Thuzad: Your curiosity will be the death of you.