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Shadowed Loa Spirit

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MobShadowed Loa Spirit
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Race(s) Varies
Level 92 Elite
Health 1,264,000
Location Lightning Promenade, Throne of Thunder
Status Killable

Shadowed Loa Spirits are loa ghosts summoned by High Priestess Mar'li when she is possessed by the spirit of Gara'jal in Lightning Promenade in the Throne of Thunder. They appear as a spider, snake, and an individual looking like Hakkar the Soulflayer.

They pursue a random player. If the spirit moves within 6 yards of its target, it instantly kills them.


  • Spell priest divinestar shadow2.png  Marked Soul — Shadowed Loa Spirits fixate a random player and pursue them. Instantly killing them if the spirit comes within 6 yards of them.


Is suggested to kill it with ranged attack before it kills you.

Or if you are melee you need to kill High Priestess Mar'li the second after Frost King Malakk.

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