Shadowglen High Priest

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Shadowglen High Priest


Base unit Forest Troll High Priest
Faction Shadowglen Trolls
Hit points 800
Hit point regeneration Always
Hit point regeneration rate 0.50 HP/sec.
Mana 500
Mana Regeneration rate 0.75 Mana/sec.
Level 4
Collision Size 31
Normal attack: 41-48 (44.5 avg)
Can attack: Air, Ground
Range 60
Attack type Piercing
Cooldown 1.80 sec.
Weapon type Missile
Armor Type Medium
Armor 0
Day Sight 140
Night Sight 80
Movement Speed 270
This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

The Shadowglen High Priests were members of the Shadowglen tribe and served under Chieftain Krag'jin. They were ultimately wiped out by Illidan and his naga.[1][2]

Spells and abilities


Stops all enemies in a target area from casting spells.
Duration Cooldown Range Area of Effect
40 (8.5) 20 sec. 70 30

Bloodlust (Autocast)

Increases a friendly unit's attack rate by 40% and movement speed by 25%.
Duration Cooldown Mana Cost
40 sec. 8 sec. 75

Abolish Magic (Autocast)

Dispels positive buffs from enemy units, and negative buffs from friendly units.
Deals 300 damage to summoned units.
Mana Cost


Patch changes

  • WC3tFT-logo.png Patch 1.13 (2003-12-16): Creep Bloodlust mana cost increased to 75 from 50.
  • WC3tFT-logo.png Patch 1.12 (2003-07-31): The creep version of Abolish Magic has had its mana cost increased from 50 to 75.


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  2. ^ They are not present within World of Warcraft