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For the priest ability, see [Shadowguard].

The Shadowguard are a group of Void ethereals led by Viceroy Nezhar. They currently occupy the Seat of the Triumvirate and the Shadowguard Incursion on Mac'Aree. They are of a certain subset of the race that have tragically succumbed to the call of the Void.[1] They are calling the Void to Mac'Aree[2] to cause all of Argus to fall to darkness.[3] They covet the Clotted Void Crystals, a resource that manifests out of the darkness they cultivate.[4] Another ethereal named Locus-Walker opposes them. Locus-Walker had hoped to find more ethereals among the Shadowguard who possessed the necessary strength of mind to resist the Void, and was disappointed to find such an utter lack of resistance.[1]

They tried to meld the Void with living things, like the Broken Zuraal.

Shadowguard Abyss Callers attempted to summon another void lord through the Umbral Locus.[5]



Notes and trivia

  • In the early PTR, the cut world boss Void-Blade Zedaat had as a background that he was Nazhar's most trusted lieutenant. He was probably meant to be a member.
  • Some Shadowguard NPCs have female voices, though without a female model to match.
  • Adjectives used to describe the Shadowguard's various Void creatures include "bound" and "enthralled".


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • The Shadowguard may be nexus-stalkers, given their use of the Void and the deep purple color of the energy beneath their wrappings.
  • As Nezhar is called a viceroy, a title used by representatives of rulers rather than actual rulers, it is likely that he is not the main leader of the Shadowguard, or that the Shadowguard itself is subservient to some larger group.
    • Since Saprish's title is Ethereum-Lord of the Shadowguard, it's possible that this larger group the Shadowguard serves is the Ethereum.