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The Shadowmoon Exiles[1] are a splinter group of the Shadowmoon clan who opposed Ner'zhul's decision to join the Iron Horde and invoke the forbidden power of the Dark Star. Though Ner'zhul had forsaken this tradition and his ancestors solely to save their people from Grommash Hellscream's wrath, the Shadowmoon Exile orcs nonetheless chose to leave. They assisted the draenei and the Alliance in undoing Ner'zhul's work, hoping to end his madness before it was too late. The Shadowmoon Exiles are led by Rulkan, Ner'zhul's ex-mate.


Name Role Status Location
 Rulkan Leader Alive Exile's Rise, Shadowmoon Valley
 Hara Bloodfury Alive Exile's Rise, Shadowmoon Valley
 Dulga Kral'zak's Mother Alive Exile's Rise, Shadowmoon Valley
 Zukaza Boar Farmer Alive Exile's Rise, Shadowmoon Valley
 Mokarg Repair Alive Exile's Rise, Shadowmoon Valley
 Wargra Flight Master Alive Exile's Rise, Shadowmoon Valley
 Kral'za Dol'mak's mate Alive Umbrafen, Shadowmoon Valley
 Seer Kazal Alive Lunarfall; Frostwall


  • At some point they were probably going to be a faction that players could gain reputation with.[2] They were also identified as the Palemoon Orcs before being known as the Shadowmoon Exiles.[3]
  • Despite being removed as a reputation, a bug can cause the faction to briefly appear on the reputation page when interacting with Seer Kazal.
  • During the beta, Rulga was also a member.


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