Shadowmoon Valley quests

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The Altar of Damnation

  1. B [70] The Hand of Gul'dan
  2. N [70] Enraged Spirits of Fire and Earth
  3. N [70] Enraged Spirits of Water
  4. N [70] Enraged Spirits of Air
  5. N [70] Oronok Torn-heart
  6. N [70] I Was A Lot Of Things...
  7. N [70] A Lesson Learned
  8. N [70] The Cipher of Damnation - Truth and History
  9. This opens up the search for the three parts of the key.
  10.  [The Cipher of Damnation]

Last part opens up  [The Tempest Key]

Ata'mal Terrace

Sanctum of the Stars

Altar of Sha'tar

Warden's Cage

Coilskar Cistern

Netherwing Fields /Netherwing Questline

Hated to Neutral

  1. N [70] Kindness
  2. N [70] Seek Out Neltharaku (A flying mount or a druid's [Flight Form] is required to complete this quest)
  3. N [70] Neltharaku's Tale
  4. N [70] Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress
  5. N [70] To Netherwing Ledge!
  6. N [70] The Force of Neltharaku
  7. N [70G] Karynaku
  8. N [70G] Zuluhed the Whacked
  9. N [70] Ally of the Netherwing

Neutral to Friendly

Friendly to Honored

Honored to Revered

Revered to Exalted


  1. N [70] Bow to the Highlord
  2. N [70] Lord Illidan Stormrage
  3. Players may then select ONE of the following quests to complete:

Horde Crest Shadowmoon Village

Alliance Crest Wildhammer Stronghold

The Altar of Shadows

Legion Hold

The Deathforge

The Path of Conquest

Crimson Watch