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Shadowmoon Voidaxe

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MobShadowmoon Voidaxe
Image of Shadowmoon Voidaxe
Gender Both
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 90 - 110
Health 17,503
Wealth 37s 71c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shadowmoon clan
Location Umbral Halls, Tanaan Jungle; Shadowmoon Valley
Status Killable

Shadowmoon Voidaxes are orcs located in Tanaan Jungle and in Shadowmoon Valley. They also attacked Karabor and the Lunarfall garrison.


  • Clumsy Swipe - Inflicts Physical damage.
  • Entropic Whirl - Inflicts Shadow damage to all enemies within 5 yards of the caster, knocking them back.
  • Void Shield - Discharges void energy at an attacker, dealing 40% weapon damage as Shadow.
  • Void Strikes - Empowers the caster's weapon with the chance to inflict Shadow damage on attack.
  • Wicked Slash - Inflicts Physical damage to the target.

Objective of


  • More souls for the taking!
  • My life for Ner'zhul!
  • The darkness comes for you...
  • Ner'zhul has shown us power in the darkness!
  • The ritual will soon be complete. The Dark Star comes!
  • The Void calls to us!
  • Your blood will feed the Dark Star...
  • Aaauuughh!
  • Do you want the Iron Horde to crush us? Keep moving!
  • Look! Fire!
  • Put your back into it!
  • Stop working and I'll sacrifice you to the dark!
  • The Iron Horde needs these supplies. Faster!
  • You think this is a game, runt? Work harder!

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