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Shadowsong is a family of night elves.

The Shadowsong family was not of noble blood, and so Maiev and Jarod had earned their positions through skill and hard work.[1]

Known members

Name Role Status Location
Neutral  Maiev Shadowsong Former jailor of Illidan Stormrage, older sister of Jarod Alive Various Locations
Alliance  Jarod Shadowsong Leader of the Watchers, younger brother of Maiev Alive Various Locations
Neutral  Shalasyr Wife of Jarod Deceased Buried outside Darnassus


The following characters also have the surname "Shadowsong", but their relation, if any, to Jarod and Maiev is unknown.

Name Role Status Location
Alliance  Eileese Shadowsong Enchanting quartermaster of Lunarfall Alive Lunarfall, Shadowmoon Valley
Alliance  Fiskal Shadowsong Stable master Alive Sylvanaar, Blade's Edge Mountains
Alliance  Nessa Shadowsong Fishing supplies vendor Alive Rut'theran Village, Teldrassil