Shady Rest

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Shady Rest is a small well known town a day's travel south of Ashenvale along the Gold Road. It is named after the inn at its heart, Shady Rest Inn, one of the best known on Kalimdor. The town is renowned not just for its soft beds and warm meals, but also for the famous Shady Rest ale and nightly sing-alongs in the common room. In the years since the inn's construction, the small village has grown around it, including a standing garrison of mercenary troops for hire that help protect the town from centaur and quilboar raids when not otherwise employed.[1] Most visitors, however, do not know that the standing garrison is secretly Quarvel's Raiders, bandits who attack Horde caravans travelling on the Gold Road.[2]

In recent months, the civilian and military communities of the village have labored together to build a jetty and pier that allow merchant traffic traveling along the coast to stop and enjoy a night's hospitality at the Shady Rest.[1]