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Shalassian is the language of the nightborne. It is an offshoot of Darnassian, similar to Thalassian.[1] Ancient nightborne language is so archaic only the oldest elves might be able to read it.[2] Something originating from Suramar is Suramari.[3]

Many nightborne have a French-sounding name, such as Arcanist Valtrois, Artificer Lothaire and Brigitte. Ly'leth Lunastre is an even more interesting example, considering her name is formed from "Lune" and "Astre" which respectively mean "Moon" and "Celestial body" in French.

Nightborne primer (official translations)

  • Erana-dora isil = A thousand thanks upon you.[4]
  • Quel'vala thonos = Nobility through tradition.[5]
  • Ru-shanna/Ru shanna shal'dorei = The nightborne will survive.[citation needed]
  • Tal'ashar = An honor duel.[6]

Untranslated Nightborne phrases

  • An'anora = Said by Ly'leth Lunastre when casting a frost trap on her sibling.
  • An'ratha an'tal-thandros = Said by Warpcaster Thwen when casting a spell in The Drift.[7]
  • Anath'ashar = Said by Nightborne mobs when attacking.
  • Arash-falas = Unknown.
  • Ash'tureth denil = Unknown.
  • Ishnal Toreth = Unknown.
  • Kal'thoras Maldiv = Unknown.
  • N'eth ana = Said by Chief Telemancer Oculeth when casting a time-stopping spell in his workshop.
  • Nar'thalas vas manari, thala nar'valas = Said by Thalyssra during a spell to create an empathic bond with Theryn, weaving their arcane essences together, to project his memories as visions.[8]
  • Nor'bethos Suramar = Unknown.
  • Shal'asan torah = Said by Arcanist Valtrois as a greeting.
  • Shanar daloras = Thalyssra's exclamation as she discovers the Chronomatic Anomaly at the base of the Nightwell.
  • Tanu'balah = Unknown.
  • Tor'theras Falar = Said by Nightborne mobs upon death.


  • Though the native word used is unknown, like the night elves they do use the term "honored teacher."[9]
  • During Legion, the language was unnamed[10] and was only internally referred to as "Shalassian".[10] Battle for Azeroth officialized the name of the language for the playable nightborne.