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Shalassian is the language of the nightborne. It is an offshoot of Darnassian, similar to Thalassian.[1] Ancient nightborne language is so archaic only the oldest elves might be able to read it.[2]

Nightborne primer (official translations)

  • Erana-dora isil = A thousand thanks upon you.[3]
  • Quel'vala thonos = Nobility through tradition.[4]
  • Ru-shanna/Ru shanna shal'dorei = The nightborne will survive.[citation needed] 
  • Tal'ashar = An honor duel.[5]

Untranslated Nightborne phrases

  • An'anora = Said by Ly'leth Lunastre when casting a frost trap on her sibling.
  • An'ratha an'tal-thandros = Said by Warpcaster Thwen when casting a spell in The Drift.[6]
  • Anath'ashar = Said by Nightborne mobs when attacking.
  • Arash-falas = Said by Nightborne mobs upon death.
  • Ash'tureth denil = Unknown.
  • Ishnal Toreth = Unknown.
  • Kal'thoras Maldiv = Unknown.
  • N'eth ana = Said by Chief Telemancer Oculeth when casting a time-stopping spell in his workshop.
  • Nar'thalas vas manari, thala nar'valas = Said by Thalyssra during a spell to create an empathic bond with Theryn, weaving their arcane essences together, to project his memories as visions.[7]
  • Nor'bethos Suramar = Unknown.
  • Shal'asan torah = Said by Arcanist Valtrois as a greeting.
  • Shanar daloras = Thalyssra's exclamation as she discovers the Chronomatic Anomaly at the base of the Nightwell.
  • Tanu'balah = Unknown.
  • Tor'theras Falar = Said by Nightborne mobs upon death.


  • Something originating from Suramar is called "Suramari".[8]
  • Though the Shalassian word is unknown, Nightborne do use the term "honored teacher" like the night elves.[9]
  • The clickable inscriptions on the monuments in Tel'anor end with "Anu Dorah. We Remember."