Shalewind Canyon

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AllianceShalewind Canyon

Shalewind Canyon from Render's Valley.jpg

Entrance to Shalewind Canyon from Render's Valley


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Shalewind Canyon is an area in the eastern part of Redridge Mountains, near Stonewatch Falls, with a small Human encampment.

Travel connections


Alliance Camp Everstill, Redridge Mountains (0:24)
Neutral Bogpaddle, Swamp of Sorrows (0:34)



On completion of A [18] Prisoners of War, the area will also become home to Kidnapped Redridge Citizens.
After planting the Seaforium Charges for A [18] To Win a War, You Gotta Become War, Krakauer, Messner, Danforth and John J. Keeshan will also relocate here.
After A [18] Detonation, Jorgensen will also relocate here.
After A [19] The Grand Magus Doane, Colonel Troteman will arrive with a Bravo Company Siege Tank
After A [20] AHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!, the area will be back to pre-quest phasing and only have Nora Baldwin, Wilma Ranthal, Clyde Ranthal and a couple Horses.