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Image of Shambles
Title <Food & Drink>
Race Wight (Undead)
Level 80
Health 12,600
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Knights of the Ebon Blade
Location Shadow Vault, Icecrown

Shambles is a wight food and drink vendor who is affiliated with the Knights of the Ebon Blade. He appears at the Shadow Vault after the player completes the quest N [80] The Duke. Interestingly enough this NPC seems to no make a sound effect when clicked upon but has been reported to make an undead groan noise every time a player sells an item to him.


Name Req Cost
 [Sweetened Goat's Milk] 65 60s
 [Pungent Seal Whey] 70 60s
 [Honeymint Tea] 75 1g 10s
 [Crusty Flatbread] 65 85s
 [Sweet Potato Bread] 75 1g 60s
 [Fillet of Icefin] 65 85s
 [Poached Emperor Salmon] 75 1g 60s

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