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Shan'ze Spiritclaws are mogu mobs found at the Terrace of Ten Thunders in the Jade Forest.

MobShan'ze Spiritclaw
Image of Shan'ze Spiritclaw
Race Mogu (Humanoid)
Level 10-35
Class Spiritclaw
Affiliation(s) Shan'ze
Location Terrace of Ten Thunders, Jade Forest
Status Killable

They drop  [Spirit Bottle] for N [86] Vessels of the Spirit.


  • A lively spirit for the taking...
  • Death is only the beginning of your punishment!
  • Hold still, it will be over soon...
  • Nice spirit - I think I'll take it.
  • You will join the others in eternal servitude!
  • I have a jar waiting just for you!
  • Fool! Your fate is sealed!
  • I will cleave the soul from between your bones!

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