Shan'ze Spiritclaw

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MobShan'ze Spiritclaw
Image of Shan'ze Spiritclaw
Race Mogu (Humanoid)
Level 85
Class Spiritclaw
Affiliation(s) Shan'ze
Location Terrace of Ten Thunders, Jade Forest
Status Killable

Shan'ze Spiritclaws are mogu mobs found at the Terrace of Ten Thunders in the Jade Forest.

They drop  [Spirit Bottle] for N [86] Vessels of the Spirit.


  • A lively spirit for the taking...
  • Death is only the beginning of your punishment!
  • Hold still, it will be over soon...
  • Nice spirit - I think I'll take it.
  • You will join the others in eternal servitude!
  • I have a jar waiting just for you!
  • Fool! Your fate is sealed!
  • I will cleave the soul from between your bones!

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