Shandy Glossgleam

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NeutralShandy Glossgleam
Image of Shandy Glossgleam
Gender Male
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 80 / 110
Health 12600
Mana 3994
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor
Location Dalaran
Status Alive

Shandy Glossgleam is a gnome found on the balcony outside Threads of Fate in Dalaran. He washes people's clothes using his personal water elemental, Aquanos. His laundry service is instrumental in B [80] A Suitable Disguise.


Elemental Laundry service.

The Threads of Fate is directly opposite the Silver Enclave in Runeweaver Square. On the upstairs balcony is Shandy Glossgleam:

Are you surprised to see me here? Everyone needs clean laundry, and what better way to do it than with your own water elemental?
Simply bring your laundry, pay a nominal fee, and before you know it, everything will be fresh and clean!

Gossip Magister Hathorel/Arcanist Tybalin said you might be able to lend me a certain tabard.

Shandy Glossgleam says: You're in luck. I've got just what you need in the load I'm about to wash.
Shandy Glossgleam says: See the piles of laundry and the bucket of water? I'll call out what I need next, and you put it in the tub. Ready?

Did you sign up for N [76] Lab Work? He'll call out one of four items:

  • Shandy Glossgleam says: Quick, add some shirts to the laundry!
  • Shandy Glossgleam says: Add the unmentionables... uh, I mean, the 'delicates'!
  • Shandy Glossgleam says: The tub needs more water!
  • Shandy Glossgleam says: Toss some pants in to the tub!

And one of a few random responses:

  • Shandy Glossgleam says: I should keep you around.
  • Shandy Glossgleam says: Well done!
  • Shandy Glossgleam says: That's how it's done!
  • Shandy Glossgleam says: Clean and tidy!
  • Shandy Glossgleam says: Nice. I don't want to know what the stain was.
  • Shandy Glossgleam says: Aquanos can hardly keep up!

When he's finally done, the Clean Laundry spawns next to the tub.

Shandy Glossgleam says: Aquanos, stop sending the clothes so high! You didn't have to see the look on Aethas Sunreaver's face when he found his pants in the fountain!
Shandy Glossgleam says: See how easy that was with everyone working together? Just take what you need from the clean laundry here, but don't forget to return it when you're finished.

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