Share the Pain

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Share the Pain
  • Defeat Baleroc in the Firelands without allowing any member of your raid to suffer Torment more than three times.

Share the Pain is an achievement earned during the Baleroc encounter in the Firelands.


This achievement requires that no one in your raid be affected by Torment more than three times(careful to not confuse it with the debuff tormented). Thus, a raid member who soak 1 single shard and takes 10 stacks of Torment and then moving away from a shard will have received one application of Torment.So,basically,your raid will have to kill Baleroc with no raid member soaking more than 3 Shards of Torment,which is somewhat trivialized if your raid have a proper rotation of soakers and your raid's overall dps is very high.

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