Shawn (child)

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For the adult man in Nagrand, see Shawn.

Image of Shawn
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 1
Location Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains[29.32, 53.60]
Status Alive

Shawn is a level 1 human child located on the Lakeshire docks in the human-aligned zone of Redridge Mountains. He wants to retrieve his friend Nida's necklace from the bottom of the lake and asks even members of the opposing faction to help him.



Hello there <mister / ma'am>... do you have a little time that you could help us out? Please?


  • Shawn is named after Shawn Carnes, one of Blizzard's quest leads, as well as his accompanying quest NPC Hilary, a girlfriend at the time. The cat in question, Effcee, was actually Hilary's cat in real life often referred to as FC or ....... cat by Shawn.

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