Sheya Stormweaver

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HordeSheya Stormweaver
Image of Sheya Stormweaver
Gender Female
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 15
Class Shaman
Health 452
Mana 326
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shatterspear
Location Ruins of Mathystra, Darkshore

Sheya Stormweaver is one of the sub-leaders of the Shatterspear tribe's forces in Darkshore, where she can be found floating in a water cyclone in the center of the Ruins of Mathystra, out of combat range.

Objective of


The  [Dryad Spear] will be given to you by Lieutenant Starbreeze, and must be used to fight Sheya while hiding behind the pillars out of her sight. At about 50% health, she'll jump onto the staircase, at which point she can easily be eliminated.


  • Water Bolt - Hurls a watery bolt at the enemy, inflicting 33 to 38 frost damage.


  • Sheya Stormweaver yells: Company! Stay in sight, love, so that I can welcome you properly.
  • Sheya Stormweaver yells: Hello there! Don't you dare step behind those pillars. Let me welcome you properly.
  • Sheya Stormweaver yells: Prey! Move away from those pillars so that I can show you the err in your trespass.
  • Sheya Stormweaver yells: Welcome! Don't be shy... move away from those pillars so that I can see you fully.

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