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Shielded Secrets

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AllianceShielded Secrets

100 - 110 (Requires 98)




+150 Valarjar


19g 40s


A [100 - 110] To Skold-Ashil


A [100 - 110] Becoming the Ascendant

For the Horde version of this quest, see H [100 - 110] Shielded Secrets.


Examine 6 Engraved Vrykul Shields in Skold-Ashil.


It's obvious at this point that the Horde wants something in Skold-Ashil. Unfortunately we still don't know what they're after.

We think the secret lies with the shieldmaidens here, so we need to find out more about them. Some early scouting revealed that they have a method of carving their shields to tell their stories.

Go into the city and find as many of these shields as you can. With luck, we will find what Sylvanas seeks.


You will receive: 19g 40s


Val'kyr, you say? This is worse that I had imagined. If Sylvanas is able to create more Val'kyr, there will be no limit to her armies!

It seems the vault is her goal. We must stop her!



Each shield shows a unique text when clicked.

First shield:

The engravings on the shield depict a goddess of the shieldmaidens, watching over them in battle.
Above her is inscribed the name "Eyir".

Second shield:

This shield appears to show various trials undergone by the warriors of Skold-Ashil.
A depiction of the nearby temple adorns the center.

Third shield:

An image of a shieldmaiden is carved on this shield, kneeling before an elaborate spear.
The priestesses of the temple stand nearby, silently observing the rite.

Fourth shield:

The scene on this shield shows one of the shieldmaidens hovering above a statue of an ancient champion of Skold-Ashil.
The shieldmaiden is glowing with a radiant aura, and is held aloft by golden wings.

Fifth shield:

Upon this shield, an engraving of Eyir stands at the entrance to the titan vault.
She appears to be welcoming a winged champion of the shieldmaidens inside.

Sixth shield:

This shield bears an image of a winged shieldmaiden lifting the body of a fallen vrykul from a battlefield.
The shieldmaiden's image appears eerily similar to that of a Val'kyr.


  1. A [100 - 110] To Catch a Banshee
  2. Complete all of:
  3. A [100 - 110] To Skold-Ashil
  4. A [100 - 110] Shielded Secrets
  5. A [100 - 110] Becoming the Ascendant
  6. A [100 - 110] Ending the New Beginning

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