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The shivarra, or shivan,[3][4][5] are a 6-armed female mystical demonic species living in Outland, averaging at roughly twenty to thirty feet tall.[citation needed] Currently, not much is known about these dangerous demons except the small excerpt of information stored on the Exodar Holographic Emitter in the Exodar.

Devout and exceedingly charismatic, these priestesses live only to evangelize the power of Sargeras' dread vision. They are the driving heart of the Burning Crusade[1] and are thought to be three times as fanatical as the other demons.[6]



  • The shivarra are inspired in both form and name by a number of Hindu usually deities called the Devas. Devas tend to have multiple arms, though unlike the shivarra they are almost always good-aligned. The name "shivarra" is inspired from the goddess Shiva the Destroyer, one of the three most powerful Hindu gods. The personality and specific appearance of the shivarra was probably inspired by Durga and Kali, forms of Shiva's consort, Devi.
  • As with harpies, there is no information on males of the species.
  • Giselda the Crone (known on the alternate Draenor as Giselda the Beautiful), a female orc warlock, transforms into a shivarra, though in the alternate universe this happens against her will.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • Shivan appears to be another term used for these demons living in Outland called the shivarra race. Known examples of "shivan" is Shivan Strifebringer in Suramar and used to be Shivan Assassins and Vigilant Shivan until the name was changed at an unknown point, and the item  [Shivan Shoulders of Scorn].
  • The beta quest A [62] Mission: Sever the Tie mentions "A shivan subjugator".
  • "Shivan" could be the adjective form of "shivarra." Another notion is that the shivan are a species of the shivarra. It is more likely that they just have alternate names.
  • In the databases, almost everything to do with the shivarra are labeled under "shivan" such as creature and weapon models as well as objects (including two from Legion), with one exception: spell effects which are labeled under "shivarra" (also from Legion).