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Image of Shleipnarr
Race Felsteed (Demon)
Level 47 Rare
Health 2,388
Mana 1,640
Location The Cauldron, Searing Gorge

Shleipnarr is a hostile level 47 rare mob felsteed found in the eastern part of The Cauldron in Searing Gorge.

Attacks and abilities

  • Spell shadow manaburn.png  Mana Burn — Hits an enemy with an anti-mana bolt. For each point of mana consumed by the bolt, the target takes 1 damage.
  • Ability physical taunt.png  Terrify — Terrifies an enemy, causing it to flee in fear for 3 sec. Only 1 target can be terrified at a time.


Shleipnarr is likely a reference to Odin's horse Sleipnir in Norse mythology.

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