Shock Absorber

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NeutralShock Absorber
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Type World Quest
Category Stormheim
Reputation +75 Valarjar
Rewards Varies


  • Transponder Charged


Odyn says: The children of Mimiron have crafted a clever toy they claim can harness the power of the storm. Go forth and test their handiwork in battle.


Odyn says: A most amusing device. But cleverness is useless without strength of arms!



The only way to complete this is to be attacked by the dragons in the cave. If you happen to be a ranged class, there is one dragon up on a ledge that will only use ranged attacks if aggroed with a ranged attack. The lighting tornados are great to follow to fill your bar. A hunter could also misdirect the aggro to their pet and reduce damage to themselves that way.

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