Shores of Zuldazar

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HordeShores of Zuldazar



110 - 120 (Requires 110)





Repel the Alliance forces assaulting Zuldazar.

  • Alliance attacks repelled (4)
  • Ride Pterrordax to target
  • Prisoners freed (6)
  • Fuel Stores sabotaged
  • Ride Pterrordax to saftey


Alliance forces are attacking Zuldazar. Make them regret every step taken on our soil!


You will receive:
Inv misc chest azerite.png [Azerite Armor Cache] Inv bfa paragoncache honorbound.png [Honorbound Equipment Cache]
Inv misc questionmark.png 5x Honorbound Service Medal


The Alliance dares to assault us in Zuldazar?! We must crush these fools so cruelly and so swiftly that they never consider this again.


Attacking Zuldazar was unusually arrogant, even for the Alliance.

Thank you for personally showing them how poor of a choice that was. Our Zandalari allies will be reassured of our commitment to them, and inspired by our show of force in their defense.


Quest accept
High Warlord Cromush says: Protecting Zuldazar is our top priority. We cannot allow the Alliance to encroach upon the city. Push them back to their boats!
Alliance assaults repelled
High Warlord Cromush says: Well done. You've bought us enough time to deal with that airship and its cowardly bombs. Take it down

Go to Warbeast Kraal to ride a Trained Pterrordax, that brings you to an Alliance Airship.

On arrival
Lady Liadrin says: An airship can be felled just as any other foe: strike at a critical target and hold nothing back.
Captain Townsworth says: Repel boarders!
Freeing prisoners
Horde Prisoner says: Some goblin ingenuity, and a lot of explosives, we could take this ship down!
Horde Prisoner says: I'm free!
Horde Prisoner says: You are full of suprise.
Horde Prisoner says: I owe you!
Horde Prisoner says: Many thanks!
Horde Prisoner says: Nice work <name>
Sabotaging the fuel
Horde Prisoner says: This contraption is all wood. Find the fuel and we'll light it up!
Destroying the airship
Lady Liadrin says: Our soldiers can handle the rest from here. Take a moment for yourself before your next assignment, <class>. You have earned it.

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