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NeutralShort Circuit

110 (Requires 110)


N Engineering [110] Oil Rags to Riches


Find the inventor of Blingtron.


While I've got you here, I was wondering if you could track something down for me.

I'm sure you're familiar with a Blingtron, yes? Well, I started askin' around, and it seems no one really knows where the design for it came from. One rumor does pop up more than others, though:

Area 52.

Interested in a field trip?


You will learn the following: [Schematic: Blingtron's Circuit Design Tutorial]


An old schematic, still intact, is floating amongst the papers.

As you examine the schematic you realize that it's the circuit design for Blingtron!


Rocket-Chief Fuselage
Gossip I'm looking for information about the inventor of Blingtron.

The inventor of the Blingtron unit? Well now, that's quite the question!

As the legend goes, he was a great, tall fella, 'bout four gnomes high, with big ol' muscly arms to lift the pieces of his inventions around.

He had beautiful purple sideburns, and lighting in his eyes!

Well... at least that's what my cousin Ricket told me.

She knows the rest of the story, if you really want to know more. You can find her at K3 in the Storm Peaks.

Gossip I'm looking for information about the inventor of Blingtron.

Oh, that old tale? Sure, I can tell it again, if ya like.

<Ricket raises her hands and begins to talk in a deep voice.>

So says the legend that he was big like fel reaver, with a face that could spook even ol' Deathwing. They say he lost his arm makin' the Blingtron unit. Replaced it with a SPIDER TANK!

<Ricket begins to chuckle a bit.>

Actually the last real bit of information I heard about him was from this sailor I met in Ratchet. Drunk as a skunk, but I believe there was a small bit of truth to what he was sayin'.

His name is Chief-Engineer Foote. He might be able to give you a real clue as to where you can find the inventor.

Chief-Engineer Foote
Gossip I'm looking for information about the inventor of Blingtron.

Hic! You wanna ...hic! You wanna ...hic! You wanna know about Blingtron?

Oh sure, ya, ya, ya. Okay, sho, I wash down in, um ...hic! Oh right!

I wash down in Gadaget... Gaget... Gadgistan, an' I was talking to thish little green fellow bout him. Come closher.

<Chief Engineer Foote beckons you closer and starts whispering in your ear, loudly.>

Sho Nixsh Shprocketshpring ish thish guy'sh name. Ha ha! And he told me, to tell you, to tell ...hic!

Oh. I forget. Jush leave me alone, would ya.

Nixx Sprocketspring
Gossip I'm looking for information about the inventor of Blingtron.

You look like a smart fellow, so I'll give you the biggest clue you need. Forget about it!

Blingtron's the invention of some no-good, dirty, little gnome who don't know nuttin about engineering.

And DEFINITELY don't go visit his granddaughter, Winkey, down on Southbreak Shore, southeast o' here. She's worse than he was.

Gossip Actually, I'm here to ask you about your grandfather.

My grandfather, Gnopetto Bizzfuse was a great inventor. You may have heard of his one and only invention, the Blingtron unit.

Everyone wanted to learn his secrets of how he created Blingtron's internal circuitry but he refused to share it.

He died many years ago after the sea rose and devoured his shop. I doubt you'd be able to find anything more, but if you're up to it, you can go for a swim and check it out.

You can even borrow my diving helm if you like.



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