Short John Mithril (Blood of Gladiators)

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This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.
Name Faction Supertype Type Talent Subtype Card

Neutral Short John Mithril Neutral Arena Ally
Talent Professions Tags
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Full Art

When John enters play, search your deck for an equipment card and reveal it. If it's an Arena card, put it into hand. Otherwise, put it on top of your deck.
"Arr, me hearties! I be havin' some extra treasure that I be givin' away at the Gurubashi Arena!"
Race Class ATK type ATK Def Strike cost
Goblin Melee 2
This card shares artwork with the Hearthstone card Captain Greenskin.
Allowed Cost
Race Class Profession
Set Number Rarity Artist Health
Blood of Gladiators 154/208 Rare Dan Scott 2