Show Your Work (Goblin)

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Not to be confused with N Engineering [47] Show Your Work.
NeutralShow Your Work

47 (Requires 20)


3150 EXP (or 19s 20c at level 70)


This is the final step in gaining Goblin Engineering specialization (for either faction).


Bring 20 Big Iron Bombs, 20  [Solid Dynamite], and 5  [Explosive Sheep] to Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan.


As your mentor, I want samples of your work. You're a skilled engineer; there is no question of this, <name>. What I hope to do though is analyze them for ways to emphasize goblin-oriented techniques in your future efforts. I need the following: twenty big iron bombs, twenty sticks of solid dynamite, and five explosive sheep - and keep the safeties armed!

Submit these items to me and I will issue you your own  [Goblin Engineer Membership Card]; it is required for access to all goblin engineering trainers!


Once I receive your crafted engineering items for my review, I will hand you a genuine Goblin Engineer Membership Card!  So long as the card is valid, you will have unlimited access to any goblin engineer trainer anywhere in the world.


Here is your first Goblin Engineer Membership Card!

This card has its dues paid for in advance for fourteen days; all cards expire after two weeks of activity.  When it does, pay your next set of dues to any goblin engineer trainer in order to get another card; without the card, your membership will temporarily lapse and you cannot access new schemata.

This never affects what you already know; once a goblin engineer, always a goblin engineer.



This is part of the quests to specialize in Goblin Engineering. For more information, see that page.

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