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Shrine of Seven Stars

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AllianceShrine of Seven Stars
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Temple (City)

PvP status

The Shrine of Seven Stars is an ancient mogu structure located south of Mogu'shan Palace in the eastern part of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. It has been claimed by the Alliance and serves as the main hub of the faction in the continent of Pandaria, as opposed to the sanctuary cities serving as main hubs for both factions in previous expansions. The Horde equivalent is the Shrine of Two Moons, found on the opposite side of Mogu'shan Palace.


The Shrine is composed of three levels. The lower level contains NPCs that represent a particular faction, which will then lead you to the daily quest hubs for that particular faction. The second level is composed of two parts: The Terrace, and the indoor portion. The Terrace is where you will find the flight trainer, flight master, Spirit of Harmony vendor, and a few other NPCs. The indoor portion has three hallways: the main entrance, the "Bazaar" and the inn (Golden Lantern). The last level, which is accessed by climbing up the stairs from the main hallway, contains the bank, ethereal services such as Transmogrification, item upgrade, etc, and also contains the portals to all Alliance capital cities and neutral cities (Shattrath and Dalaran).

Maps and subzones

Lower level
The Emperor's Step · The Imperial Exchange · The Golden Lantern · The Star's Bazaar · The Summer Terrace
Upper level
The Celestial Vault · Chamber of Enlightenment · Chamber of Reflection · Ethereal Corridor · Path of Serenity

Notable inhabitants

Main article: Shrine of Seven Stars NPCs

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  • During the early beta, it was named The Star's Ascent.

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