Shrine of the Storm

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For the achievement, see [Shrine of the Storm].

Shrine of the Storm
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The Shrine of the Storm.

The Shrine of the Storm (or the Shrine of the Storms)[1] is a monumental temple located on an island in eastern Stormsong Valley. It is the seat of House Stormsong and the stronghold of the Tidesages.[2]

It is also a dungeon, while the Crucible of Storms raid is located underneath it.

Adventure Guide

The Shrine of the Storm is a seat of power for both House Stormsong and the tidesages. Here, blessings upon the fleet are performed to ensure that the Kul Tiran fleet knows no equals in combat. Yet, a dark force has corrupted these sacred grounds and threatens to steal control of the Kul Tiran Fleet forever.


The adventurers enter the Shrine of the Storm through the Tidewater Sanctum.

Brother Pike says: Tread carefully. Some dark presence watches us even now.
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As they reach the exterior, Lord Stormsong is found channeling magic over the cliffs of the Shrine. He casts "Requiem of the Abyss", causing Aqu'sirr to rise from the pool.

Lord Stormsong yells: How dare you sully this holy place with your presence!
Lord Stormsong yells: I call upon the surging waters! Arise, and wipe out these intruders!

After Aqu'sirr's defeat, Pike exclaims the following as the group continues forward.

Brother Pike says: Stormsong has twisted this sacred place. We must press on and undo his foul work.
Tidesage Council

They make their way to the Fonts of Cleansing, where the leaders of the tidesages dwell.

Brother Ironhull says: Welcome, Brother Pike. You have arrived just in time to witness our victory.
Galecaller Faye says: Once our ritual is complete, the Kul Tiran fleet will belong to Queen Azshara!
Brother Pike says: Quickly, heroes! Stop them before the fleet is lost!
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Lord Stormsong

As the group continues through The Blessed Path, they manage to reach Storm's End where Lord Stormsong, now a k'thir, is conversing with an image of Queen Azshara. Brother Pike is ensnared.

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Vol'zith the Whisperer

However, after Stormsong's death, a dark presence is still present within the Shrine of the Storms. The group adventures further into the Shrine of Shadows, where they find a n'raqi monster.

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After Vol'zith's death, Pike can feel the dark presence receding from the Shrine. Queen Azshara gives the group one last warning.

Queen Azshara says: You dare to interfere in my affairs? What makes you think you can oppose my will?
Queen Azshara says: Enjoy this victory. It will be your last.
Brother Pike says: I can feel the dark presence receding. The shrine will be whole again.

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Bosses Monsters NPCs


Boss Item Type
 Aqu'sirr Water Shapers Mail gloves
Gloves of Corrupted Water Leather gloves
 [Aqu'sirr's Swirling Sash] Cloth belt
Stormsurger's Sabatons Plate boots
 [Murky Cerulean Signet] Ring
Briny Barnacle Strength trinket
  Tidesage Council  [Seabreeze] Intellect staff
Belt of Unrelenting Gale Plate belt
Ironhull's Reinforced Legplates Plate leggings
Sea Priest's Greaves Mail boots
Footpads of the Serene Wake Leather boots
 [Blessing Bearer's Waders] Cloth boots
Galecaller's Boon Agility trinket
 [Ensemble: Vestments of the Tidesages] Cosmetic ensemble
 Lord Stormsong Aq'mar, the Tidecaller Intellect one-hand sword
Void-Drenched Cape Cloak
Bindings of the Calling Depths Mail bracers
Bracers of the Sacred Fleet Leather bracers
Gauntlets of Total Subservience Plate gloves
Leggings of the Drowned Lord Cloth leggings
 [Ensemble: Vestments of the Tidesages] Cosmetic ensemble
 Vol'zith the Whisperer Deep Fathom's Bite Agility dagger
 [Helm of Abyssal Malevolence] Azerite plate helmet
Cowl of Fluid Machinations Azerite leather helmet
 [Stormlurker's Cowl] Azerite cloth helmet
 [Tentacle-Laced Spaulders] Azerite leather shoulders
 [Mantle of Void-Touched Waters] Azerite cloth shoulders
Chestguard of the Deep Denizen Azerite plate chest
 [Hauberk of Sunken Despair] Azerite mail chest
 [Chain of Consummate Power] Mail belt
Conch of Dark Whispers Intellect trinket



  • The Shrine looks similar to the original concept for the Dragon Isles.


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