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Image of Sian-Rotam
Gender Male
Race Frostsaber (Beast)
Level 53 Rare
Health 3,680
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Frostsaber Rock, Winterspring
Relative(s) Shy-Rotam (mate)
Pet family Cat

Sian-Rotam (pronounced "shan-RO-tom")[citation needed]  is a rare hostile level 53 frostsaber found in Winterspring.

Previously, Sian-Rotam used to come to the aid of his mate Shy-Rotam during the quest N [60] Shy-Rotam. He can now be found as a rare spawn lounging beneath Frostsaber Rock near her.

When tamed, Sian-Rotam is identical in appearance to Echeyakee.


He uses a lion model.

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